Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Self potrait tuesday

Fathers be good to your daughters. I found this pic while digging thru my photos. I have not spoken with my dad in over a year. Don't get me wrong I have tried. Seems to me I spent my teen years trying to impress him. Trying to get attention from him. He wasn't some busy corporate guy. He was blue collar. It started out well (as you can see). My mom said I was the apple of his eye. You know, the whole perfect little story. A daddy's girl. Yeah, somewhere down the line that changed on his end. I love my dad, always have, always will. Why don't we talk? Big misunderstanding on his part, and an evil woman whispering things in his ear.
I have a wonderful relationship with my mom. I am a child of divorce. But I was already out of the house when this happened, so I never took sides. On a lighter note,,,, LOOK at the size of that CAKE!!!! Do you think I got to eat any??


sadie said...

hi. same with me. i don't talk to my dad much anymore and it is because of divorce, and an evil woman,all the things you describe. it makes me so sad sometimes. buuuuttt,,,you were one cutie pie!!

sadie said...

hi rebecca. thanks for the comment. I got so excited when I saw it!! Thanks for the cookbook rec. I have the Moosewood one, I have used it for years, but I often wondered about the Enchanted Broccoli Forest. I have toyed with vegitarianism for a long time but I am committed to it now. Have you tried any of those vegan ones, like How It All Vegan, the ones by Sarah Kramer? I have read mixed reivews....Have a happy day!