Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yoga tonight

Trying the yoga class again tonight. I am looking forward to it. I also have Friday off, three day weekend!! Yeah!! I'm thinking I want to go take a class on Fri am. Power flow 10am at Liz's studio, The Prancing peacock. This is a lovely studio. That would be a nice treat and great way to start the weekend. I picked up a copy of "Fit Yoga" this month and it has several articles on teaching. It talks about how the teacher is teaching the class for the students and that is her/his practice. The practice of teaching. I'm thinking high energy tonight. Little bit of the power flow thing sounds good.
On the knitting front, still plugging away at the herringbone poncho. I am going to work on setting up an alternate knitting site. My hubby is busy playing Xbox in the living room. I used to have a beautiful spot in my bedroom. However, miss kitty took it over. I think it may be time to reclaim it, being that she hardly sits in it anymore. I will post pic once I have it cleaned up from all the hair. Speaking of cat hair, hubby says one night after brushing her that I should incorporate some of her hair into my knitting, would make things warmer. Wow, is he a knitter in disguise? I said, "hmm funny you should think that because her hair winds up in some of the knitting, and knitters with kittys say it just makes stuff warmer." Hmm is he invading my stash when I'm not looking? Sneaking around with knitting needles? Making me a gorgeous cashmere sweater? Haha not likely. But I love him so much anyway. He's technologically talented. So Bootsie and I need your help deciding what to make with this yarn. It's been it my stash since May. The LYS had a half price sale and this is all I bought. It's 200 yards of hand dyed merino wool superwash. Hat? adult or baby? Any other suggestions would be awesome.
PS. Bootsie was not happy about modeling the yarn.


Nessie Noodle said...

Are you teaching? I am looking forward to that! I am working on my "lesson plans" for class right now- have to hand them in this weekend... very nervous!

Becca said...

Yes teaching two nights per week now. The nervousness goes away really fast. I did alternate nostril breathing about 1/2 hour before I taught the first several times and that really helped. You'll do great, just remeber to breathe!

Nessie Noodle said...

ahh yes, breathe!
I handed in my assignment last night-

Nessie Noodle said...

ps. I made you a button... it is out on my blog. If you want snag it, save it to your own server though ;)