Sunday, January 08, 2006

What a Ham....

Oh what fun it is to have a digital camera. You can take a self potrait. I wanted to show off my new cap. I am continually playing around with the pattern on this. It has a rib pattern including the brim which is not too visible. I am starting to feel better. Doc says it's sinusitis. All I can say is I caved and started taking the antibiotic. I don't have a day off until next Sat. I can't be sick. I felt as though I was sucking air through a straw last night. Oy. Today, a little better. I even put makeup on. I also made myself finish sewing the last of the decorative stitching onto triangle. I am meeting my hubby for dinner. I am still working my fingers to the bone on the herringbone poncho. It's actually starting to get long. Making a nice lap blanket. I refuse to start anything else until I am done with it. I was at AC Moore the other night and I bought some soft yarn (Paton's be mine) for my first baby blanket. Let's see, 3 babies on the way so far. This one is for my Niece's baby. I decided on yellow for her. My sister-in-law I think I will do in browns. The third person...Haven't decided but she's only about 6 weeks along so I have time. I am also in the process on designing some pocketbooks. I'm in the playing around stage with designs.
One thing I did learn about felting triangle (and this is not the first time I have felted), I know now why they say use jeans. I read on some website that you can use towels when you felt. Um, bad idea. Let's just say the triangle has fuzzies all over it. Now it needs a shave. But I am happy with the final results. Although it does not look like the picture on the pattern. Probably a gauge or felting issue. I will try again. After I finish the poncho:)
Oh if your interested in this pattern, visit The girl who owns the company is really nice I spoke with her on the phone. It's also available at JimmyBeans wool.


FaeryCrafty said...

Very nice!

Becca said...

Thanks Stacey!!!