Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Thrift Shop Finds

Had a lovely visit with my highschool girlfriends last night, we went out for drinks at a shore Bar that has been there forever. I stayed at my mom's house and decided to stop in Manasquan on my way home. I lived and worked in the "squan" for many years after moving out of my parents home. It is one of my favorite little towns! My original destination was the VNA thrift store. It was closed because of the holiday, but I noticed a cute little shop right next to it. And boy did I find some awesome items! I am glad I stopped in, the shop is called Squan Dry Goods. The owner has a lovely collection of vintage, consignment, and new items (alot of eco-friendly stuff). What a great idea for a shop! There are 2 floors, and although the vintage clothing is sparse, I thought the consignment was priced right and perfect!! So I wanted to share some of my finds. The best was a stunning vintage dress that actually fit me perfectly, let me tell you, that never happens, so for me it was worth the trip right there. I also found a perfectly pale pink marc jacobs jacket for, ok, $18.00. YUP. Friends, I have been shopping consignment since I was in highschool. I did it then because I had no money, I do it now because, well, it's a beautiful thing. I love the idea of how enviromentally friendly it is, not to mention, jeez, I hate paying ooodles of money for designer clothes, I have a retirement beach cottage to save for!!!!
I also had a great trip to Colombus market on thursday with my neighbor Donna. Found lots of pretty things. And the find of the day was a super cute little wood table. Solid. Old. Perfect. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday, shopping the market! Also, if you have a chance, Donna is such a talented artist, she has finally opened her Etsy shop, Lovely Things studio she has some beautiful picture frames.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday is Market Day

I finally made it to the market in Lambertville this am with my good friend Michele. We got up with the birds and made it there early. It was packed with sellers and customers, but not really a super successful shopping day. Not a button to be found. That being said, I did find some unusual things today. Which I guess is a good thing! I did find some really pretty vintage photos. I fell in the love with the clothing these women are sporting. Talk about funky!!! I also came accross this big plastic bin full of wooden blocks, that are actually stamps. Now upon digging through I found some rather fun stamps. The girls from the Burlesque troop would enjoy them. A dollar each, I think this guy definetly did not know what he had in that box. He tried to change up the price on me at the last minute too. Despite not having any coffee yet I caught him trying to act like he was giving me "a deal"...I'll give them all to you for 15.00...... um. I only had 12. Nice try though, I may be blonde but I got straight A's in Oh and do any of my dear readers know how to get these stamps to work? I tried using a stazon pad and it did not work, hopefully there is a way to get the images to transfer, they would make great greeting cards :) If not they look pretty cool displayed on the window ledge in the studio.

I also found this cool brooch which will be gracing one of my coats. It was a fun morning spent chatting with one of my oldest friends. Thanks again Michele, you're a doll.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rock Paper Scissors

I had the most wonderful day off yesterday. I spent it with my lovely friend Beth. I met Beth through the Etsy street teams (EtsyNJ and FDL). I am *so* very excited and a wee bit jealous (ok, ALOT jealous) of her...she is opening her own brick and mortar shop!!!! So I took a drive up to have lunch and see if I could lend a hand. The moment I walked into this lovely space I must admit to falling in love. She is still setting up, but the "vibe" is FUN. Just like the shop name, it all says, stop in, and play for a bit. You see, to me, creativity is the part of you that is completely free spirited, like a carefree child. Creating is a chance to just be you, to practice living in the moment. Beth has succeeded in creating a space that will certainly nurture this. She has an eye for all things beautiful. So, where is this FUN shop Rock Paper Scissors? Well dear friends, if you are anywhere near north Jersey you have to go. Or maybe you will take a road trip, you can spend the day Saturday and then head on to Short Hills mall Sunday. She is located on Bloomfield Ave in Montclair, NJ. What does Rock Paper Scissors sell? Oh my...Vintage fabric, lace, buttons! Vintage and funky jewelry making pieces, and a stunning array of papers. Something for everyone. Beth will also be offering classes in all things creative. She is one of my favorite Etsians. A master at sewing and beautiful jewelry maker. I can't wait to go back for the opening!

I spent the day winding beautiful vintage ribbon on stunning vintage wooden spools. I have to tell you, I would gladly be paid in merchandise for work. Ha! If you could call it work. I found it to be completely blissful to sit on the floor and have 2 huge bins full of ribbon and trim surrounding me! Friends, to me, it just doesn't get any better than that....Good thing she didn't have me playing with the vintage buttons :) Well...there's always next time!