Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy BD to me

Oy. BIG BD today. So I figured let me post a pic from a time that was so much simpler. A time when my only concern was what to dress my barbie in. A time when I am quite sure I couldn't wait to grow up. Funny isn't it? We can't wait to hit that 21 mark, then we wish we could go back there again. I would only want to go back to 27, when I first met my husband. Because life without him in it would not be any fun. So, cheers, here's to a great year in a new decade of life, may I step closer to understanding "the big picture". This pic is from 1978 check out that funky hairdo and those glasses!!! Rock ON!!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Tommorrow is Our Anniversary..........

Always and forever, Each moment with you, Is just like a dream to me That somehow came true
And I know tomorrow Will still be the same

Cause we've got a life of love That won't ever change and..
Every day, Love me your own special way Melt all my heart away With a smile
Take time to tell me You really care

And we'll share tomorrow together

I'll always love you Forever
There'll always be sunshine

When I look at you, It's something I can't explain Just the things that you do
And if you get lonely Phone me and take A second to give to me That magic you make and.. Every day Love me your own special way Melt all my heart away.... With a smile
Take time to tell me You really care And we'll share tomorrow together

I'll always love you.......


Happy 5th Anniversary Sweetie I love you more than ever. Thank you for being my best friend. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be able to spend my life holding hands with you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Rachel

Today is my baby sister's birthday. Although she is far from here today she is in my heart and I love her very much. I am so proud of all she has accomplished and all the "work" she has done. She is the mastergardener, she is one of my best friends. I fell totally in love with her the moment I laid my eyes on her-I got yelled at by my mom and grandmother for picking her up out of the crib (I was only 10). So here's to you rach- 30 years of being in my life and sharing lots of fun and sisterly moments. May you find many many years of happiness in this life, may the wind always be at your back, may you always know how much you are loved, may you take to heart all the lessons life has (not always so kindly) taught you, may you see how beautiful you are, how special you are, how fun you are, may you always enjoy cake as much as you did in this picture. I love you.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Party is over.....

Some day I will become more responsible about spending money. I now have little choice because last week I handed over all credit cards to the man. I got yelled at for several hours and told no more a) garden center, b) online ordering, and..... c) no more YARN....eeeekkkkk gasp... that's right fellow bloggers,,,the yarn buying stops here..Trust me, I'll make do. I have enough yarn to knit an I cord from here to florida. But the garden center, hmmm this time of year that's a toughie. All those pretty flowers, needin love...Speakin of love...Lots of that going on in this house. The girls are just lovin the momma and dadu. Zoe Belle is the most affectionate, and ssshhh she's a momma's girl. They are growing so fast, getting their big girl faces now. I have been knitting, I just haven't taken any photos of the finished projects. I did finish the turtleneck from fitted knits. I made a couple of booboos that are extremely visible in my opinion, but the non knitting public might not notice them. I still cannot seem to go with my instinct and follow the stitches. I always follow the pattern and second guess my decisions and wind up screwing up the project. Soon I will post pics of knitted stuff.. Until then I leave you with Rajne who says....No More Spending or else...