Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Self potrait tuesday

Fathers be good to your daughters. I found this pic while digging thru my photos. I have not spoken with my dad in over a year. Don't get me wrong I have tried. Seems to me I spent my teen years trying to impress him. Trying to get attention from him. He wasn't some busy corporate guy. He was blue collar. It started out well (as you can see). My mom said I was the apple of his eye. You know, the whole perfect little story. A daddy's girl. Yeah, somewhere down the line that changed on his end. I love my dad, always have, always will. Why don't we talk? Big misunderstanding on his part, and an evil woman whispering things in his ear.
I have a wonderful relationship with my mom. I am a child of divorce. But I was already out of the house when this happened, so I never took sides. On a lighter note,,,, LOOK at the size of that CAKE!!!! Do you think I got to eat any??

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Actually, it's overcast here today. But I did start the day off by taking a yoga class. Usually this is a completely blissful experience. Today, however, I'm not sure what to think of it. I signed up for a free 1 week membership at a new Big gym in the area (one of the commercial ones). The gym is beautiful, reminds me of my days at WOW. Theye even have a seperate section for ladies to work out in (behind closed doors). Lots of fitness classes, spinning room and a pool. They also have a mind/body room. So I decided to take a vinyasa flow class. It was packed, I mean we were literally mat to mat. So I keep telling myself to leave everything outside the door, including the fact that I'm a teacher. I have been able to do this in the past, but with 3 women that I consider to be my teachers. (meaning I took their classes before I was a teacher). I could not do this today. So I struggled with my practice. I was concerned for the students in the class because I thought the instruction was not exactly clear. Don't get me wrong, all the teacher did was talk, but it was not clear enough. This gets me to thinking, are my directions clear enough? Do I talk too much? not enough? One thing I did take issue with was a comment I heard from the teacher. She was saying something about everyone being at different places in their hip flexibility (very true), but then she muttered (I happen to hear this), I can't tell what your indivigual flexebility is, and I shouldn't have to. Hmmm, that doesn't sound very good. I think teacher's should let their students be where they are in their own practices. Yet we are there to guide and sometimes give a gentle nudge. I don't necessarily mean a physical nudge, maybe just a suggestion. Am I being to critical? Did I learn something from this class? I think so, I think I did. I still felt open and happy afterwards, so I feel she did her job.
On the knitting front, sorry to harp on the poncho, but I think I'm going to try something different with it. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just waiting for the torch to get lit

OK, signed up for Yarn Harlot's knitting olympics today, decided to knit the slip stitch shoulder cozy from Wrap Style. I also decided to join team goth, because, I have always had a little goth in me. Now less than circa 1990 something. Anybody hear me on this? I was out seeing bands like; NIN ( in such a small club that Trent brushed my shoulder as he walked by), Killing Joke, Meat Beat Manifesto, every week I saw a different band. Great bands were always playing at The Fast Lane in Asbury Park. Friday and Saturday. I think I spent almost every weekend there. Ahh those were the days. Out every weekend, not a care in the world 21 and having a great time. Sporting my doc martins, punking out the hair (oh yeah, Jersey girl hair) and the makeup. Hanging with my friends. Skipping in a large circle in the mosh pit. Now that was a great time. I also had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the people in the bands as the guy I was dating was so into music, he'd just start talking to these guys. I met Henry Rollins in the basement of The Fast Lane. If you have to ask who's that, Um, let's just say I thought of him as a punk God. Lead singer of Black Flag (whom I saw), then had his own band, Henry Rollin's band, then went on to do The Spoken word, and was in a couple movies here and there. Anyhew, cool experience, he has a tattoo of a sun on his back. So, I'm glad you joined me on this walk down memory lane. I like(d) punk, industrial,progressive,alternative, whatever you want to call it. It was fun, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yup. I'm finished with the herringbone poncho. Just finished crocheting the seams and had hubby take pic. Ugh. I no likey. Maybe it's just the way I look in it. It's too tight. It's too white. The seam doesn't look right. And according to knit and tonic, ponchos are "out". Now, that being said if I want to wear a poncho I'll wear a poncho. I'm no slave to fashion. However, I don't like the way this one looks. What to do with it? I would give it to one of my sisters, but this poncho was partially knit while in India so it has sentimental value. It just does not look good enough to wear out of the house. PLus you should see the shirt I had under it. Loaded with white fuzzies. I look like I had a lovefest with a white cat. Haha! Speaking of cats...Note the scratching post in the backround. Kitty has all but worn out a good portion of it. This is a good thing because previously it was the couch. Ok so this is my motivational off to the gym you go pic....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Swatch out....

I confess I'm a lazy knitter when it comes to the gauge swatch. I am considering signing up for the Knitting olympics over at http://www.yarnharlot.com . So in advance preparation I knitted a gauge swatch. This is for the shoulder cozy in Wrap Style. I couldn't find the exact blue on ebay, however I did find this pretty color. I think the gauge is off by the smallest amount. Instead of 4 inches I have 4+3/4 inches. I'm just going to knit it up with the size 11 needles anyway. This is Debbie Bliss casmerino super chunky. I love this yarn. So soft. I knit a heart scarf with it last year for Vday. I love hearts!!!! Also yesterday the mailman delivered the frog tree alpaca from WEBS. So I'm back to work on the herringbone poncho. I want to finish it tonight. At least the knitting part. I also purchased this lovely purple color. I am not sure what I am going to make with it yet. Baby hat? Adult hat? Scarf? So many choices. Also, I am not buying anymore yarn until I use up a good portion of stash. I just dug myself out of the credit card hole and I am not diving back in. Besides, I have to concentrate on exercising. Husband is taking me to St. Lucia!!!!!!! We went there for our honeymoon and we are going back already! I'm so excited. Such a beautiful island. Such a handsome husband. Lucky me :)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Got Buttons?

I haven't previously mentioned another of my favorite hobbies, collecting antique buttons. I started this fresh out of highschool. I used to shop in the second hand and antique shops because in the 80's you wore vintage. It was "cool" to be different. This from the girl who wore those silly Madonna gloves at her graduation. Oh I'll save that pic for SPT. So anyway, I don't know how it started, it just did. I used to hit paydirt at yardsales pre ebay. Huge cookie tins of grandmom's vintage buttons for about $2.00. I still collect, just not as religiously as I once did. I come to find out many years after I started that the german translation of my last name is "buttons". Kooky right? So ebay is a great place to find large lots of buttons, but they tend to get pricey, due to lots of bidders. I have parted with some of them. Two years ago for Christmas I made my sister a photo collage. I bought one of the unfinished large wood frames from Michaels. I painted it gold an glued beautiful off white "seashell" buttons. I call them seashell because they look like buttons made from shells. It's a beautiful frame. I also parted with some on a felted bag I made. I sold it at the last craft fair. I thought I was going to cry. But the woman said she would treasure the bag and buttons. Those were floral silver metal buttons. Metal buttons in good shape are sometimes hard to come by due to rusting. This second set of buttons still on the cardboard have a price tag on the back from Gimbels for 5 cents. Gimbels? Are they still in business? Wasn't that Macy's competitor in Miracle on 34th Street? It's like holding a piece of history in your hand. Some of them are still attatched to pieces of cloth. Nice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Celebrating down-time

Just finished catching up on my emails. I subscribe to DailyOm http://www.dailyom.com . You should check it out. Very inspiring. The particular article that I liked talks about celebrating life. Just being happy that you are alive and get to spend another day with people you care about or doing work you love. We're always preoccupied with certain dates when big events or exciting things are happening. Every day should be a cause for celebration. Alot of yoga practioners hope to achieve a state of bliss. I read this article in yoga journal that made alot of sense to me. It talks about how anyone can achieve this for brief periods. Let me give you an example of how I achieved this. I like to drive. Especially when there is little traffic and the sky is blue, the sun is shining and there are little puffy clouds in the sky. Can you picture this in your head? I have a cd with a totally awesome song on and I just feel..hmm..Filled with joy, content, elated, blissfully happy to be alive. It's a feeling of excitement over just being present in that particular moment. Why? Because I stopped, and looked around. Forgot about the list of things going on in my head. I let my brain take a break. (Oh jeez, she's going all yogi on us). I start my students out in class like this. Leave your lists/worries/cares/concerns outside the door and just be present on your mat. Let it go. Three words, greatest advice ever. Have I achieved this in my everyday life? Not yet, but, yoga is a practice.
Ok so, a little knitting info.. Back on track with baby blanket that was previously ripped out. However, that being said, I keep gaining stitches. I have to count every other row. This could take awhile. Next baby blanket might be out of Last Minute Gifts. Simple garter stitch panels sewn together. So here is pic of last trip to LYS plus Debbie Bliss from ebay. In the back is a cute pattern I picked up for a baby blanket. The aqua and green cascade 220 I may make another triangle, not sure yet. The lighter green and brown are for 2 caps. The Knitting to go is a cool box of patterns printed on laminated cards that you can take with you instead of dragging a large pattern. One last things. PLease send out good thoughts and prayers to my grammy. She's in the hospital. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

self potrait tuesday nightmare

OK for some unknown reason this post has become hellish. I cannot get this pic to go where it is supposed to so, just bear with me. These are a pair of my jeans from 1986. I must have thought it would be cool to take a close up pic of design. I was big into alternative and punk music (back when it was worth listening to). These jeans went to NYC to Radio city music hall to see The Cure, Head on the door tour. I went with a guy I was dating who thought it would be a good idea to scalp tickets. We attempted to do so, but got lead on this wild goose chase after we gave the guy our money. He then shoved an envelope down into my pocketbook and took off. There were no tickets in the envelope. While this was happening a guy had been standing near us and kept saying, "don't give him your money." We should have listened, $200.00 gone. This guy watching took pity on us and sold us some awesome tickets for face value. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Do you ever wonder when there are people near you when weird things happen that they may be angels? Now granted getting ripped off for tickets is not a life changing event. You maybe saying to yourself this chick is wacky. Well maybe, but let me tell you another story. Labor day weekend, 1990 something, I'm out with friends in Seaside. Seaside is all bars (nightclubs). I haven't been drinking because I was driving home. I'm stopped at a traffic light and I have a small car (honda crx). I get hit from behind by a lincoln towncar. Now, understand the bars are staring to let out so there are some people around. I see in my rearview mirror that the driver and passenger switch seats. The guy now in the driver's seat gets out and comes up to my window. He's large, of italian descent, definetly north jersey (think sopranos people, this is no joke). He tells me to drive around the block and we'll settle this without the police. At the same time this other guy comes up to my window and says very calmly, "just stay in your car, don't move." I don't remember too much about what he looked like, but I listened to him, because he was so calm and reassuring. Minutes later the police arrived, and as I'm sitting there waiting for an ambulance a little scene plays out. A very bloody guy comes off the sidewalk and goes up to the police officer and says to him, "those are the guys that did this to me." Meaning the guys who hit my car. Scary. The guy who told me to stay in my car 2 minutes prior, gone, poof. Makes you think doesn't it.....

Monday, January 16, 2006

For the love of pete!

Just when I thought I was making progress on the poncho...whamo. OUT OF YARN. Uh, gee, how did that happen? Well, one, took advice of LYS woman when I substituted yarn, should have checked her math. Second, did not check gauge (*gasp*). Yes, my fellow knitters, I am a slacker. I have taken most math classes available to a non math major in college, yet I have yet to sit down and play around with the knitting math. It's a shame, a crying shame. So now, I have been searching for this frog tree worsted alpaca. The LYS is a good 1/2 hour ride, and let me tell you, nothing good can come from going there. I will post pic later of damage inflicted on wallet on friday. Friday's damage comes after going to take a yoga class. The yoga studio just happens to be around the corner from a yarn shop. It's like a diabetic passing Dunkin dougnuts (well at least my diabetic gram), "can't we stop, please,please,please? I just want one." Yeah right, famous last words. So now, I have so many new projects to get to. I started baby blanket numbero one. The yarn is so soft(paton's be mine) that it is a pleasure to work with thus far.
Also having some house painting done this week. Spent the weekend looking over paint chips. ALso went to BD party for step-dad, Happy BD moosie. Nice to see the fam.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yoga tonight

Trying the yoga class again tonight. I am looking forward to it. I also have Friday off, three day weekend!! Yeah!! I'm thinking I want to go take a class on Fri am. Power flow 10am at Liz's studio, The Prancing peacock. This is a lovely studio. That would be a nice treat and great way to start the weekend. I picked up a copy of "Fit Yoga" this month and it has several articles on teaching. It talks about how the teacher is teaching the class for the students and that is her/his practice. The practice of teaching. I'm thinking high energy tonight. Little bit of the power flow thing sounds good.
On the knitting front, still plugging away at the herringbone poncho. I am going to work on setting up an alternate knitting site. My hubby is busy playing Xbox in the living room. I used to have a beautiful spot in my bedroom. However, miss kitty took it over. I think it may be time to reclaim it, being that she hardly sits in it anymore. I will post pic once I have it cleaned up from all the hair. Speaking of cat hair, hubby says one night after brushing her that I should incorporate some of her hair into my knitting, would make things warmer. Wow, is he a knitter in disguise? I said, "hmm funny you should think that because her hair winds up in some of the knitting, and knitters with kittys say it just makes stuff warmer." Hmm is he invading my stash when I'm not looking? Sneaking around with knitting needles? Making me a gorgeous cashmere sweater? Haha not likely. But I love him so much anyway. He's technologically talented. So Bootsie and I need your help deciding what to make with this yarn. It's been it my stash since May. The LYS had a half price sale and this is all I bought. It's 200 yards of hand dyed merino wool superwash. Hat? adult or baby? Any other suggestions would be awesome.
PS. Bootsie was not happy about modeling the yarn.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Feels like spring

Ok, I know it's tuesday, and I just joined self-potrait tues. Next week I'll dig one out. promise. Yesterday it was 54' here. Um, I thought it was winter. Still waiting for winter to start. That being said, I heard it was very cold here in Dec. while I was in India (in single digits). But this spring weather is crazy. Don't get me wrong I love warm weather, but as a jersean I love my 4 seasons. This is the beauty of living in the northeast, you get seasons. The newness of spring, the brisk fall, and the bone chilling winter. Best of all, there is summer. This is coming from a shore girl. I love the beach. Grew up 10 minutes away from it. They say you have sand in your blood. If you live near the beach you understand what I'm saying. My hubby and I moved northwest, this is just where we landed. It's ok, mom's still near the beach. When H and I were dating we used to rent a shore house with 15 other people for the whole summer in LBI. I couldn't understand the first year we did this because I still had my apt. in a shore town. After that first summer I never complained again. What a great place LBI is. Fun for family and the post-college yuppy crowd. If you want rowdy, you go rent in Seaside. You want a relaxing enviroment during the day, yet the occasional (ok,ok EVERY NIGHT) partying at a club you do LBI. The resteraunts, are all awesome also. Tuckers is about the best on the island. There are also some awesome Italian places in Surf City. Ok, why all this talk about the beach? As I was making my tea this morning (finally gave up coffee!!!!!!) I saw this pic on my fridge. Mom and I relaxing on the beach. This was about 7 years ago, during college when I was svelte. I was exercising every day. Nice. Obviously we're having a great time. Getting ready to go ride some waves.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Toxic Monday

Phew. Went back to gym tonight to teach my class. Had a nice turnout. About 5 minutes before we started I'm up front buying water and I hear the girl at the front say to one of the guys standing around, "he wants me to call poison control." Uh oh. So I'm listening to all these guys standing around blah, blah, and I hear, "he's in the bathroom throwing up he inhaled something toxic." At this point me and my big mouth: "Where is this person?" Turns out he's in the bathroom at the gym. He works there and was cleaning with bleach+ something that mixed with bleach= toxic fumes. Oy. He was sweating profusely and did not look well at all. I tell the girl who is on the phone with 911(?) "you better tell them to get and ambulance here fast, and maybe you should open the front door." I have to say the response from the police, emt and fire company was lickety split. And yes, we we're all evacuated out of the building. So no yoga class until wednesday, but I think I'll do 90 mins. Get a good workout going. 17 inches to go on poncho. Then it's all about crocheting it together. Oh that should be fun. I am not very good on the crochet front. minimal experience. Wanted to post pic of me and my girl. My baby sista, sporting a hand knit cap. This was taken in Sept. She has accomplished so much in the past year and I'm so proud of her. Love you R.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

What a Ham....

Oh what fun it is to have a digital camera. You can take a self potrait. I wanted to show off my new cap. I am continually playing around with the pattern on this. It has a rib pattern including the brim which is not too visible. I am starting to feel better. Doc says it's sinusitis. All I can say is I caved and started taking the antibiotic. I don't have a day off until next Sat. I can't be sick. I felt as though I was sucking air through a straw last night. Oy. Today, a little better. I even put makeup on. I also made myself finish sewing the last of the decorative stitching onto triangle. I am meeting my hubby for dinner. I am still working my fingers to the bone on the herringbone poncho. It's actually starting to get long. Making a nice lap blanket. I refuse to start anything else until I am done with it. I was at AC Moore the other night and I bought some soft yarn (Paton's be mine) for my first baby blanket. Let's see, 3 babies on the way so far. This one is for my Niece's baby. I decided on yellow for her. My sister-in-law I think I will do in browns. The third person...Haven't decided but she's only about 6 weeks along so I have time. I am also in the process on designing some pocketbooks. I'm in the playing around stage with designs.
One thing I did learn about felting triangle (and this is not the first time I have felted), I know now why they say use jeans. I read on some website that you can use towels when you felt. Um, bad idea. Let's just say the triangle has fuzzies all over it. Now it needs a shave. But I am happy with the final results. Although it does not look like the picture on the pattern. Probably a gauge or felting issue. I will try again. After I finish the poncho:)
Oh if your interested in this pattern, visit http://www.pickupsticksonline.com The girl who owns the company is really nice I spoke with her on the phone. It's also available at JimmyBeans wool.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's the stuffy,runny, coughing so you can sleep med

OK this post is an aside from the knitting. What's a girl (an RPh) no less to do when she is sick? I'm talkin my chest is a hurtin' and every time I cough it feels like my head is going to explode. Just finishing a 12 hour shift, I mosie on down the aisle lookin' for a good night's sleep in a bottle. Nyquil, you know the stuff you took back in the 90's and it was like someone wacked you on the head....nighty night. So upon reading the ingredients, hmmm not the same ingredients. My comment, if it's not broken why fix it???? Now I have to hope that I sleep tonight, because sometimes when your sick...you just need to sleep. Pics tommorrow of finished triangle, I promise..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Confessions of an acrylic addict

Help me. I am sick, really, I am. I have so much yarn in my stash, yet what do I do? Oh yeah, you know,,, I buy more. Can't help it, really I have tried. It's my vice. I quit smoking, stopped buying pocketbooks and shoes. I cut way back on new clothing. But yarn? Nah, not even close to stopping. As a matter of fact after I received this goodie bag in the mail, I went to ebay and bought more. See, I've been eyeing up some other yarn this woman had for sale. 10 skeins of Debbie Bliss cashmerino superchunky in a beautiful blue. I waited for 3 days to see if what I had purchased from her was good yarn. Well, the jury is in.... DING we have a winner. Perfect yarn. Enclosed in plastic bags. No smell. I think they came straight from the factory. I really have to start using some of the yarn in my stash. Finished newsboy cap last night, just have to sew the brim and it will be ready for a pic. Feeling under the weather tonight, just going to hit the couch (after I finish felting triangle)....

Monday, January 02, 2006

time for a project update

OK time for a knitting project update. Currently I am working on a newsboy cap. PLaying around with it. I am finished with the knitting of triangle, now comes the fun part! Sewing! Yeah! My favorite part. (not) But I like to make myself do things I am not great at, as to improve. Yesterday as I sat couch potatoe I made myself knit the I-cords for this project which has been basically finished before I left for India. I made the flower this morning and I will sew it up tonight. Then it's all about the felting. Which my washing machine is not particularly good at.
Next project in the works is the herringbone poncho from hell. I am about 26" long and it needs to go to 58 or so. ALMOST half way there... This poncho has been an international traveler. It will have many stories to tell when it is finally fininshed. I must comment that upon the recommendation of the woman at the LYS I bought this at I used frog tree alpaca. This yarn is lovely and soft, HOWEVER it sheds massively. If you are wearing any dark color and knitting you will be covered in cream fur. This will be a denim poncho no doubt about it. I have yarn on order from ebay for a shrug from interweave press "Wrap Style" . I actually found the yarn on the cheap and hope 5 balls is enough for it to cover my "fit" body. As in, "she's a bit fit" anyone watch Ali G? very funny. Lastly I made this cute from some cheappy yarn on the bottom and a manos yarn want to be teal. I felted it and bought this cute antique brooch. This was going to get gifted at Christmas, but me likey, me likey alot. Stay warm and dry..

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Had a lovely, quiet evening last night with neighbors. Third year running. It's such a nice thing when you don't have to leave the cul-de-sac! I have some more pics to post. I worked until 3 yesterday and then stopped in at Barnes & Noble for a little shoppin' . Picked up a

couple of books. I am of the school of belief that you can never have enouogh books. I want to learn how to do some embroidering. The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery contains alot of info on that. It also has crochet, knitting, macrame, sewing and tatting. As my hubby asked, what's that book for? HONING MY CRAFT kids. I want to kick the knitting up a notch this year. The Sonoma Diet book? I'll let you know. I would like to take off about 10 lbs, but some plans are in the works that may negate this. (wink,wink) I'll keep you posted.

I also posted some of my purchases from India trip. These are the 3 saris that I bought. They are so pretty. I wore the brighter blue one for the reception we had in India. I did not want to take it off it was so pretty and comfortable. The light blue is also beautiful. Such detail goes into their work.

So what is the NY resolution? To take care of me this year. Sound selfish? Nah, I need a little TLC. I want to focus more on my spiritual side. Do some Svadhyaya, which is self study, according to Patanjali's yoga sutras; refinement. I am still working on santosha (contentment) I think I have made some major leaps and bounds in this. I don't feel so much I want this and that, blah blah. You can't take it when you leave. All that's with you is what's inside not that prada bag. Besides, who cares what anybody else thinks about me. The exception to this is two fold, God and hubby. I want to be closer to God, more spiritual, more knowledge to share with my students. I want to be a better teacher, so they can be better students, no scratch that, better people, happier people, content people, SPIRITUAL people. If they are more in tune with themselves everything else will fall into place. Yeah, that's it. To teach this I must first work on myself. That is my NY resolution. Of course I must leave you with this last pic, brace yourself she is so cute and sweet she may cause cavities. My little girl..... or should I say...Daddy's little girl, because only he can get her to pose....