Saturday, March 28, 2009

Confessions of a Serial Etsy shopper

A day late, I am in "vacation" mode...Every Friday through Lent join me as I "confess" my shopping sins (on Etsy)... This week, one of the cutest shops on Etsy, Sunshine and Ravioli even the name is cute! She makes all kinds of tags, stickers, and other assorted paper crafts. They are unique and fun. I usually add them onto my packaging for my customers. I think it gives a little extra something to the package. I actually started buying from her around Christmas time for my own personal use and then my Christmas gifts looked so cool that I went back for more! I think her spring line is stunning! Lots of tags for your Easter baskets. I also think they make a great hostess gift. I am always looking for hostess gifts, you never know when you'll get invited last minute and I never like to show up empty handed. S&R packages her items in little bags with a sticker, perfect for giving!
Also, check out Joy's blog, I've been featured on her Saturday Spotlight!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fashion Design and Lifestyle Trunk show

Drawing by HollyIllustration~ perfect gift for your girly friends!

The FDL team will be hosting a Spring Trunk show here tonight at 7:00pm EST. Lots of fun, new items and SALES!!!!! I am offering FREE standard US shipping, some of the other members have great promos also. Here is a peep at some of the awesome items this team's members create.Born in the summer of Love I am a sucker for anything with a peace sign on it. This scarf is part of Amy's spring items

Kristen was the organization behind the trunk show, Thank you for all your hard work! She is an extremely talented artist, check out her work here.
I love this funky journal from Nuvonova, a very funky way to express your inner diva!
Of course, my dear friend Beth over at Thirdfloor designs has some stunning spring items for sale!
I think this is the perfect Easter bonnet for the fashion forward girl, from Delightworthyn..
I am in love with this stunning little purse from Debra at Allthingspretty, she is so talented!

And for the hip inner you, this ring from Capitolagirl is pure funk!

So come check out our trunk show tonight! This is just a small sample of shop owners and their wares, there are so many stunning items and specials!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finding Inspiration

Confessions of a serial Etsy shopper will continue next friday~

I have been feeling as though I am in a bit of a slump as of late. Maybe it's a change of season thing, but I was feeling a little uninspired. To the point of...(gasp)...not wanting to even knit. Goodness I never thought I would hear myself say those words. Mr. S said maybe I'm just burnt out. I think he was right. I took about a week off from going non-stop. This is what I do. I always have. The yoga training has definetly helped, alot. I do wake up in the middle of the night, ideas swirling around in my brain. Wide awake. I use my breathing exercises and I'm sleeping in no time. Anyway, back to the slump. I decided to just chill. I think it worked. Yes, it worked well. I had gone on a hunt for some vintage lace and hit paydirt. So...I started to use some of it. I will tell you I was inspired by Altered Couture and Bonzie's beautiful tattered jacket. Talented ladies! I love the look of the vintage lace mixed with vintage findings and a sort of reckless abandon look. So you are listening to my inspiration music(sorry, no sarah on the playlist!), a bit of Sarah Brightman. I had this on the Ipod while piecing together and sewing the capelet .

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's A Shabby Bust

It's not even Friday yet and I am already in over my head! Yesterday prior to a long work day I found a gorgeous decoupaged bust on Ebay. I have to tell you I don't do well with ebay. Not enough access to a computer when the auction is ending so I have to rely on Mr. S to do that. And.....there are always much are you going to spend on THAT?!? so I tend to tell him to bid lower than I emotionally would have bid. Probably the best in the long run. I don't need to pay a fortune for a vintage dress form. Someday I will be somewhere and there will be one..if it's meant to be. Anyhow, back to the deco. bust..she included a crown and was made of all vintage playbills, very cool. I was outbid by 4.00. Sucks, right? So me being the google queen, I googled and I found one right on my favorite place...oh...wait for it....yup...Etsy. That's right. A super cute sight called Moxie Sisters And Mr. S you would be so proud of me. I did not buy it last night, but I slept on it and bought it at 6:50am this morning. Woohoo! Stay tuned tommorrow...another Confessional Friday..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Confessions of a Serial Etsy Shopper

It's friday again, time for another "soul" cleansing confession. This week, another one of my favorite shops on Etsy.... Black Sheep Yarn bear with me here...I have not bought any yarn from her (yet).. Her shop is filled with the most wonderful antique/vintage goodies. I hesistate here (because I want it all for myself) stop by, visit her shop, you name it vintage, she's got it. Anything from old drawer pulls, to game pieces, to antique ledgers, to my personal sin....vintage buttons. Her photography is stellar, and so is the product. Also I must tell you...The packaging is delightful. I was so impressed when I opened my first package of goodies I couldn't wait to go back for more!

Monday, March 09, 2009

My Favorite Jeans get a new life

Everything needs a new start. I guess I am really doing some spring "cleaning". Ok, maybe not in the sense of dusting and vacuming and let's not even mention cleaning windows.. No I'm talking about mental cleaning. Clearing out the clutter of past "lifes". As in finally doing something with a pair of jeans that have not fit me in the past 7 years. They were by far my favorite pair of jeans. I commandeered them from an ex-boyfriend. I wore those bad boys all the time, then I cut them into shorts. They had the fray hanging just perfect....Hmp. (geez girl get a grip!) But they don't fit, so now, they are needle felting medium. And they were FUN to felt and sew and turn into this rockin lariat. I named it the Rustic Gal lariat. I think it came out awesome. A nice rebirth of sorts for those jeans!

Sunday, March 08, 2009


So I opened another shop on Etsy. I named it aparigraha which means non- attatchment. After doing out taxes I realized that my yarn inventory, is, in a sentence OUT OF CONTROL. I have freely admitted being addicted to fiber, but at this point I don't think I could ever use all this yarn. So I am going to let go. Let go of some of the excess stuff in my life. Which in yogi standards is going to help clear the clutter out of my head. Help me see things better. Help me make more room for newer yarns (did I just write that??!!??) Oh boy. Control, I will practice control. So anyhow...if your a knitter, or someone who is just starting out, the yarns are priced to sell!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Yeah! I picked a cowl winner today using a random number generator. Each comment was assigned a number and the number drawn was 35, Congrats to Cecile! Tune in soon for my next giveaway and thanks for visiting my newly madeover blog!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Confessions of a Serial Etsy Shopper

Part 2 in my Lenten "confessional" series. This next shop is one of my favorites! (OK they're all my favorites) But Bobbi over at Kittygrrlz knows how to spin up some good yarn porn. I check her site everyday and there is always one or two things that I am drooling over and must have immediately. She is so popular over at Etsy that, knitters, heed my warning: If you LOVE it BUY it, or someone else will!!!! That being said, Bobbi is a sweetheart and when someone (Phydeaux) beat me to buying yarn I was dreaming about, Bobbi respun me some. So she calls this "Functional Art Yarn" and it took me a few tries, but I have found it quite easy to work with. I adorn my capes with it. I could be happy just draping myself in it :) But I knit it and put the items up for sale. So go, visit, tell her I sent you, keep her spinning these gorgeous, beautiful, fun to knit yarns!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Capelet Crazy

I seem to be obsessed with making capes right now. Crazy obsessed with it. I have so my ideas floating around in my head, I can't get them made fast enough. My latest was a creation that just came to me....ding....lightbulb over head...and I was inspired. It was a challenge piece for the FDL team Our February challenge was Casablanca, and I was a day late to submit. I love the way it came out, very old hollywood~ish.