Monday, March 09, 2009

My Favorite Jeans get a new life

Everything needs a new start. I guess I am really doing some spring "cleaning". Ok, maybe not in the sense of dusting and vacuming and let's not even mention cleaning windows.. No I'm talking about mental cleaning. Clearing out the clutter of past "lifes". As in finally doing something with a pair of jeans that have not fit me in the past 7 years. They were by far my favorite pair of jeans. I commandeered them from an ex-boyfriend. I wore those bad boys all the time, then I cut them into shorts. They had the fray hanging just perfect....Hmp. (geez girl get a grip!) But they don't fit, so now, they are needle felting medium. And they were FUN to felt and sew and turn into this rockin lariat. I named it the Rustic Gal lariat. I think it came out awesome. A nice rebirth of sorts for those jeans!

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