Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Market Finds

I had a very rare Thursday morning off this week so I decided to take a trip to Colombus market. Even though I got there by 7:30 I didn't last long because the heat here has been horrible. I am glad I went. I didn't hit the "motherload" but, I have to say this knitting magazine was worth the early morning trip. It is a combination of knitting and crochet. Both patterns are lovely, but some of the crochet kimono's make me want to sharped my crocheting skills. I kind of almost missed it too. I had purchased vintage fabric from this lovely woman once before, so I was focused on her fabrics. On my way out of the booth I happened to look down on the table and it was in a plastic bag. I wasn't even going to look, but....something made me open it up. The pictures are stunning! I think the seller was sorry to see it go too, but I told her I am passionate about my knitting and that it was finding a really good home. I can't wait to make something out of it! What is funny is that there is a disclaimer in the front of it that states, "Only Fleisher yarn can be used for these projects." Oh I just love a challenge! I'm figuring any worsted weight should suffice.

I also found some beautiful vintage photos and vintage brooches. Love the dress the and the shoes!!!! Her face is so beautiful too!

The brooches I am thinking I want to keep, they are my favorite color~~~purple!!! The top one says "made in Austria" on the back and is so beautiful! And the other is just so sparkly, and I love the brushed look of the gold. So, all in all, I am thinking it was a very good day at the market!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors a Visual Journey

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of spendng the afternoon in my dear friend Beth's shop, Rock, Paper, Scissors. Beth has an incredible eye and talent when it comes to all things creative. Her shop is a space that is warm, cozy, inviting and above all inspiring! I wanted to share some pictures that I snapped around the store. I also purchased 2 projects to sew!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was tagged by my lovely FDL friend Barbara over at My Little Aura for the 5 product face challenge. Basically it's making yourself prettier using only 5 products. I used to sell cosmetics in my previous life :) So I have always been a makeup girl. But I am all about getting ready for work in 30-40 minutes. So here goes:

1. L'Oreal Reviva lift face cream- you always need a base, and although I can tell you, as a previous cosmetic salesgirl and now as a pharmacist that I don't buy into this hype of dropping $150.00 on a "anti-wrinkle" cream. Here's the number 1 wrinkle causer: the sun. Haha, enough said, right? trust me, I am a beach girl too. But now, I sun a little bit with the 45 spf then the hat goes on. And my eyes are always covered with sunglasses. Jeez I have enough lines around them already!

2. Bobbi Brown SPF foundation - This is the greatest foundation thus far that I have used. This is where I spend the money. It is *so* worth it to buy a good makeup.

3. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish pressed powder- Again, worth the money!

4. Clinique powder blush - I like the pink color, gives you a bit of a girlish glow

5. Maybelline Mascara- Up until very recently I had always used the great lash- A choice influenced by what my Aunts were always using (circa 1970). Then I tried this one and It really gives you some awesome lashes! this wasn't easy because, I also add MAC lipgloss!