Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I'm Creating Now

I've been having alot of fun lately making new pieces of wearable art. I created a huge, oversized cowl as a custom order for one of the girls that I take bootcamp with. I loved it so much I made it in coral and raspberry. The yarn is simply a total joy to work with. So soft! I tried the raspberry one on after finishing it, and to be honest, I'm not sure I can part with it! I've also been playing around with the sweater felting again. I bought a bunch of sweaters from the thrift shop, felted them and they have been waiting for me to be inspired. I found these lovely fabric blocks that have beautiful graphic work. I knew it was just what these felted sweater had been waiting for. My first project is a pocketbook. I did alot of sewing today , hand sewing that is, and my fingers have the scars to prove it (hehe). I am loving the look so far, it is allowing me to play with lots of my vintage goodies too. Oh and another hat with a vintage millinery flower hand sewn on, don't ask, I can't tell you how many times I stabbed myself sewing that on! I did alot today, and now it's bedtime, sweet dreams friends...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Learning Patience

Lately I have been getting a lesson in patience. I was proceeding quite nicely with my weight loss journey (31lbs so far). Loving bootcamp and getting up early to exercise, feeling great, and then 2 weeks ago...injury. End exercise, start pain. Doc says it's greater trochanter bursitis. The pain radiates up to my hip mostly, but also down the side of my leg. With an injury like this even walking aggravates it. So I was told rest, more rest and physical therapy. This my friends, from a new pair of sneakers. Anyway, I keep telling myself, take care, be patient, if you go back to soon it will only get worse. So, I am clear to try some light cardio by the PT. Bootcamp starts up tomorrow, 6am, I'll let you know if I went or stayed home. (I should stay home, but I'm going crazy here already!!)

Part 2 of my story, Introducing Bella...I have been trying to find a vintage dress form, either Wolf or Bauman with the cage at the bottom for several years now. Again, patience. I scoured ebay daily for one. I bid on several only to lose every bid because I was at work with no internet. Then, one, came up for bid, "pick up only" in NJ no less, so fingers crossed, and smartly opening a snipe account...She came home with me today. An hour and a half drive on the parkway, a great couple who sold her to me and she's here. The lovely lady I bought it from said they bought it from a little old lady who was a seamstress. She has a couple of water stains, but her foot pedal works and she has her original top and is great shape otherwise. Yeah!!!! So I gave her my newest scarf to wear, all done up in ruffles!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Happiknits Fall Photo Shoot

Just a quick post today with some pictures. My great friend Michele and I ventured over to Asbury Park on this past Sunday to do a photo shoot of some of Happiknit's Fall line. I wanted to do the bulk of them inside of Convention Hall. When we got there we found out it was closed to the public. But, never one to give up on something I want, we wound up inside and had it all to ourselves! (We had SO much fun!!!)The photos really made me think about how far I have come with my photography. Another reason to thank Etsy. The Happiknits shop has put me on the path to new horizons. And a HUGE thank you to Michele. You are a wonderful friend and a very pretty model!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Congrats to the Winner of I Love Fall Giveaway

Thank you to all of my new friends who entered my drawing! I will be stopping by to visit your beautiful blogs! I used a random number generator ( to chose a winner, each comment was given a number. The winner is... Sharon from

Knot-Cha-Cha Congratulations and thank you everyone! Stay tuned for my next giveaway~