Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Girls Just wanna have fun

Give a girl a funky hairdo, some time and a camera, and we like to play. Two things I have learned in life, one; learn to laugh at yourself ( because life is funny), two; have some fun! (because life is too short). It took me about 1+1/2 hours to take out the braids, and voila, cool hairdo. Throw on some fushia lipgloss and shades.... Super seventies style. PLus I thought my husband might enjoy these pics because, I look pretty. I thought about going to work like this, and then figured my customers would say, Our pharmacist is a freak!(superfreak maybe). My response would be, you people made me that way. Maybe nobody would say anything negative to me, Huh, yeah right. I figure the day I develop a nervous tic maybe they'll stop. HaHa, just kidding.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Bunny Day

Happy Bunny day. I have been MIA for the past week and a half. Why? I was on vacation. Oh Yeah. A very relaxing, lay in the sun, listen to the ocean vacation. We went to St. Lucia, stayed at Sandals. This was our second time to this resort. It's so beautiful there. I didn't want to come home. More on that later.... I made this cake for Bunny day. My sista had dinner at her house. It was nice not to be the one doing the whole shindig. Because of the heat by the time I got to my sister's the m&m's had slid down the side on the top part. But it was a tasty cake. I also made pink coconut cupcakes and chocolate white chunk cookies. Also my famous big salad with fresh lemon vinegarette. My sister went overboard. She was married to a sicilian for 10 years, so she made, regular lasagna and spinach bechamel lasagna, homemade perogis (my grandmother's recipe), ham, and all the fixins. It's always great to see the kids. This is such a sugar holiday. This is my nephew who had a wad and I mean a wad of gum in his mouth. So wad=huge bubble=aunt who had to pop large bubble. He he... what are aunt's for anyway? So all in all it was a nice day.
Back on the vacation front. If your looking for someplace to go and just chill out, be pampered, eat great food, hang out by the pool/ocean and have a frozen cocktail ( I recommend the dirty banana, yummyyy). Check out Sandals, St. Lucia Sandals Regency golf resort and spa. The spa treatments where awesome, the people that work there are awesome. Everyone says hello to you. In this pic the Carribean is behind me, in front of me is the pool, with swim up bar. This is how the skyline looks every day here. It's paradise. As a whitebread chick I had to pace myself in the sun. I am happy to report, no sunburn, nice brown tan. This , my friends was the extent of my vacation, drink in hand basking in the sun, just plain old relaxation at it's finest. Lots of quality time with my husband. Because, we both work too hard. The temperature was about 86-93', very humid, but hey plenty of water to go around. Plenty of ice cold beverages. My hair got a little frizzy, so I went island style... As they say in St. Lucia, No Pressure, No Problem..... we should adopt that saying here in the Northeast.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I've been thinking about trees. I guess because it's spring and everything is starting to bloom so beautifully. Do you ever stop to look at the trees? I've noticed many tiny trees that have just been planted while driving. Then I think, how many years did it take them to grow big? How many things transpired in your life while that tree was silently growing. When my youngest sister was born my parents planted a tree. Next time I'm in the old neighborhood, I'm gonna check out that 28+3/4 year old tree. I bet it's pretty big now. So the trees that are in your back yard, did you plant them? Did someone else plant them, get years of enjoyment from the beauty or shade they provided. Now you get the rewards also. My next door neighbor has a beautiful white pear tree, so pretty to see when I finish my meditation in the am. I have a beautiful plum tree in full bloom now. These are the thoughts going through my head. I think I'm ready to plant a tree.