Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Girls Just wanna have fun

Give a girl a funky hairdo, some time and a camera, and we like to play. Two things I have learned in life, one; learn to laugh at yourself ( because life is funny), two; have some fun! (because life is too short). It took me about 1+1/2 hours to take out the braids, and voila, cool hairdo. Throw on some fushia lipgloss and shades.... Super seventies style. PLus I thought my husband might enjoy these pics because, I look pretty. I thought about going to work like this, and then figured my customers would say, Our pharmacist is a freak!(superfreak maybe). My response would be, you people made me that way. Maybe nobody would say anything negative to me, Huh, yeah right. I figure the day I develop a nervous tic maybe they'll stop. HaHa, just kidding.

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