Saturday, February 24, 2007

some new stuff

Had a full day of shopping today, and boy am I tired. Interesting thing happened at the LYS. I usually put my yarn skeins by the register as I puruse the store, today, that almost turned out to be a big mistake. Now, I had 4 skeins sitting there in a pile, the woman who works there was trying to help me figure out a pattern I got from valley yarns (more on that soon), so I went to look at something my mom was showing me and when I came back to the register the beautiful green skein of malabrigo that was by the register is missing. I call out to my mom- mom did you take the green yarn from the register? she says no. Now at this point there are quite a few women milling around, and I asked my mom this question quite loudly-no one else claims to have taken the yarn, then I start looking around at all the women in the shop and bingo here comes this "clueless" (ok-for her benefit I will say she "probably" did not hear me asking about green yarn) who has my skein of yarn in her hand. She swiped it off the counter. So the saleswoman says that's the only skein of that color. I look at the woman and really restraining myself, ask "did you take that skein off of the counter?" she doesn't say a word she shoves it back at me. "thanks" I say. She just glares at me. So sorry I saw it first (nana booboo)- NO I DID NOT SAY that!!!!!! But it was what I was thinking. HEHE. I cannot help it- I'm not usually like that but green and pink are my colors. And quite quickly malabrigo is becoming my new favorite yarn. Included in the second pic is some rowan all season cotton that I got on sale through WEBS. I'm going to make a basketweave pattern yoga bag out of Knit Cafe book. There's a skein of lorna lace's worsted for a rasta hat I saw on Knitty Gritty (love that show). Bulky alpaca for baby hat and of course some cascade 220. Oh and the awesome Ozark handspun. Have you seen this yet???? It is gorgeous yarn and I am sorry my camera does not do it justice. It still has curls in it from the sheep hair. super groovy. I am going to make myself a scarf out of it in memory of my bootsie girl. I also spent last sunday sewing and made a funky yoga mat bag. Here is a closeup of pretty fabric I bought from that large everything store. I won't mention the name because they have enough advertisement already. My sewing technique still needs work, but I'm all about teaching myself stuff through trial and error...Just like the shell I'm knitting more on that soon,promise...

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Have you seen this book yet? I was in Target the other day, cruising around the store and I saw this in the book section. The mala beads on the cover caught my eye. It was the last copy left, I picked it up and never put it down :) So I have been reading it and I know that I read an excerpt in one of the magazines I subscribe to, but must have forgotten about the book.... so isn't it interesting (at least this happens to me alot..) when you see something or buy something-usually a book- and temporarily forget about it or it gets buried on a shelf. Then when it's something you would benefit greatly from reading at a certain find it again. This happens to me all the time. So I am enjoying it and it is what I need to read right now. I will be honest, I am still grieving my kee cat. I can hardly take the loss of her prescence in my home. Although I will say, her daddy brought home her ashes on tuesday night and I feel slightly better. Weird? can't explain it. I also found website rainbow bridge. There is a poem on the certificate that came back with her. So I will post a memorial to her on the website. We also dug out all her pics yesterday (we were snowed/iced in home- nice for valentine's day- all snuggy with my hubby)... and now I see how very skinny she had gotten. I saw the 14lb pics, poor baby. She's pain free now, and I will always have an ache in my heart for her until I see her again.....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bootsie Girl

Yesterday, I lost my pal. She was my best girl for 16 years. My confidante, my soft fur to cry in, my ear to listen, my shepoot (Indian for "tail"), my little girl. Words cannot describe how heart broken I am, how I think I hear her mews coming from down stairs. How every morning I would come downstairs, she would be sitting on her chair and would make a little noise and lift her head up further as if to say good morning. Or if I slept later than 8am, she would come upstairs and jump on the bed and put her face up next to mine and just stare at me. Sometimes she would be doing that in the middle of the night because she would want affection, hey, she slept all day and missed mom and dad...Speaking of her daddy...She was most certainly a daddy's girl, she fell head over heels in love with my husband and vice versa. Most of the time she snuggled him at night, and she let him hold her as long as he wanted. I miss her. I am heart broken. I don't feel like moving, I can't let go of her blanket. I can't stop seeing her little face. I keep looking for her in the house. I keep thinking I hear her. I selfishly, want her back.. She was so sick, weighing in at only 7 lbs- she used to be 14lbs. She lost her balance alot, she was in pain, she was sick alot, so I tried to put myself in her place- How would I feel if I was throwing up violently every 3 days? some days she couldn't lift her head off her chair.
Hug your kitty for me(if you have one), I didn't want to let mine go....please say a little prayer for her sweet little soul, she was a good girl, she was my little kee, my doodlebug......