Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Joy is in the journey

I wanted to post about my latest project. It came as a custom request from a fellow Etsy seller Bananasaurasrex. She has a lovely shop with pretty hand sewn lavender eye pillows. She asked for a cross between one of my capelets and one of my cowls. The color she requested led me on a journey to a new yarn. Pricey but, DEFINETLY worth it. Besides, if anyone knows me, they know I think nothing of buying a $30.00 skein of yarn if I am in love with it. I consider myself, what is referred to in the knitting world as a "yarn snob" I have relaxed myself a little more lately, knowing that beautiful things don't have to cost a fortune. So back to said project, I received the yarn and proceeded to fall head over heels for it. It is sooooo soft. As a knitter there is always joy (sometimes frustration and swearing), but mostly joy in the knitting. Then there are those projects that are just pure ecstacy to do. They take you back to the first time you got a pattern right, or the first project you completed... bliss..... Well, that is how I describe knitting with this yarn. The feel of it in my hands, delightful!! Anyway, now that those of you reading this who don't knit think I might be crazy, I will stop my ranting and raving. I leave you with a couple of photos of The French Grey cowl :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some new stuff

Things have been busy here. I am mostly working hard to prepare for fall. Lots of creativity going on. I am trying some new things and attempting to do some "green" things as well. My new serenity cuff is actually from an old beloved sweater. I was trying something new to take the photos. I wanted to surround the piece with some items that are serene to me...like some of my vintage buttons :) This listing is going to be in one of LADIES of ETSY EXPOSED by VickyDiane designs. She makes awesome treasuries. The first exposed series I spotted was for the Men of Etsy- NICE!!! It's cool to see the face behind the computer screen. I've also been playing around on facebook quite a bit, found some old friends on there which is super cool. I also finished a new faerie scarf I love this one!!! Reminds me of fall and the Cranberry festival. Speaking of fall I also did a "duet" with thirdfloor designs. I thought these would be the perfect accent to that special outfit. Beth and I had fun collaborating on this, and look for more in the future from us and the FDL team. Here's a link to the Copperline necklace. Gorgeous!!!!