Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gone For Far Too Long

I have been absent for far too long. Hubby and I were off to a wedding and then vacation. The wedding was a beautiful Indian wedding. We had a great time! I was married in a Hindu ceremony so I always get a bit nostalgic at these weddings. I loved all the gorgeous saris and wanted to share some of the photos with you.
My husband's cousin married into a family that comes from a region in India that wears very sparkly saris. There was no lack of bling! And anybody who knows me, knows the more sparkle the better! The groom arrived by the modern day elephant~ a convertible BMW, the bride carried in traditionally by her "brothers,cousins, etc". And dressed in Red and gold, which were the exact colors that I wore for my wedding. Then it was off to....

where I got do nothing but lay in the sun and listen to the waves... It is so beautiful there. The ocean a stunning shade of turquoise, with little rippling waves, and a breeze. Always a breeze.