Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For My Grandmother

******Great news~~ the day of her surgery she was told it was not cancer and was just a mass of scar tissue from radiation, they removed it and she was home the same day!!!!!! Amen!******While my grandmother was visiting for her 85th birthday party she found a lump on her breast. Seven years ago she had undergone radiation for breast cancer. She has had no problems since, but when she went back to florida they looked at the lump and said it is breast cancer. Recommendation lumpectomy or possibly a mastectomy. Scary many reasons. I at the same day she was having her evaluation got called back for a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound because the radilogist did not like the way my yearly mammo looked. My second mammo came back with a benign cyst. So, inspired by these I made this pretty lariat. A reminder to do a yearly mammo and regular breast checks. Visit the Komen foundation for more info.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy girl

Ok, so it's summer. Well, here in NJ it's summer. So not really scarf wearing weather. But I figure a shrug is awesome for this time of year. So I have been cranking out the shrugs. The latest one I was inspired for the first version by my friend Icey. She needed something "sea" themed for her wreck the dress bash. So I created something for her that reminded me of a sea"net", I love this stitch pattern. Worn it opens up and is a super sexy, way to show a little skin. The yarn is a soft acrylic mix I found on my travels. It comes in some beautiful colors so I picked up 3 additional ones.

For the second shrug I had a beautiful light blue color picked out. It reminded me of stars for some reason~~ don't ask how my mind works~~ So I wanted to do the same pattern, but I wanted to do something with stars. So I decided to make a brooch with felt. First time for this, but I figured what the heck. I love it!!! I wish I had a wedding or something to go to because I would keep it for myself!! So now I am working on the next challenge for the FDLteam I have been working with Beth to keep the shop running and we have had 3 sales thus far!! Very exciting indeed. Our theme is tribal or ethnic using the colors of the sunset. I made a cowl, but it's not really a "summer" item, so I am thinking, thinking.....Ahhh what to make??? Maybe I will try a lariat, stay tuned!!