Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy girl

Ok, so it's summer. Well, here in NJ it's summer. So not really scarf wearing weather. But I figure a shrug is awesome for this time of year. So I have been cranking out the shrugs. The latest one I was inspired for the first version by my friend Icey. She needed something "sea" themed for her wreck the dress bash. So I created something for her that reminded me of a sea"net", I love this stitch pattern. Worn it opens up and is a super sexy, way to show a little skin. The yarn is a soft acrylic mix I found on my travels. It comes in some beautiful colors so I picked up 3 additional ones.

For the second shrug I had a beautiful light blue color picked out. It reminded me of stars for some reason~~ don't ask how my mind works~~ So I wanted to do the same pattern, but I wanted to do something with stars. So I decided to make a brooch with felt. First time for this, but I figured what the heck. I love it!!! I wish I had a wedding or something to go to because I would keep it for myself!! So now I am working on the next challenge for the FDLteam I have been working with Beth to keep the shop running and we have had 3 sales thus far!! Very exciting indeed. Our theme is tribal or ethnic using the colors of the sunset. I made a cowl, but it's not really a "summer" item, so I am thinking, thinking.....Ahhh what to make??? Maybe I will try a lariat, stay tuned!!

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Laura B said...

These new shrugs are beautiful and I love the felted brooch! Good luck with this new project, I'll need to get my thinking cap on:)