Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm a big fan of everything music. For years and years everyone in the family (well us younger generation) would go out on friday night to go "farmin" aka go to see the band Yasgur's farm. They play all classic rock and let me tell you we had ALOT of fun. So why am I posting this today? Well I finally discovered the way to put music on my blog and as I was making the play list I was thrown back into the time when I used to go out friday (and sometime saturday) night to dance, hang out with my friends and have fun. This photo is from 2001 when I was still in college and looking...mighty thin and hot ;) My sister was newly divorced (thank God!!!!) and we were out having fun at Krones in Lavalette seeing Yasgurs. So everytime I hear classic rock I think about all those Friday nights. Time spent with both of my sisters. Enjoy the tunes, I know I will!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Featured Etsy Artist- BeeDazzles Gifts

Today's featured Etsy artist is Bee from BeeDazzles Gifts. I "met" Bee through a BNR treasury when I bought some of her beautiful cards. Being that the world is so small and we started "chatting" I found out that not only did Bee live in NJ but, she lived in the same town as me!!! Whew~~~small world! So first item up from her lovely shop is Tranqulity 1 necklace So beautiful~ what a wonderful idea to wear a unique piece of art! And I'm all about tranquility. Such beautiful colors she uses in this picture. Definitely a perfect gift.

Ok, next up, one of my favorite items in Bee's shop are her awesome Thank You cards. As an Etsy seller I always like to include a Thank you card to my wonderful customers. And what better card then one that is handmade??? These are Dragonflies Thank you cards So pretty. They are one of my favorite insects to see in the garden during the summer- they love the Boadelia. Bee is so talented, these would make a wonderful hostess gift also (I know I'm always looking for something unique to bring with me).

Next up another gorgeous necklace~ this one has a Hummingbird on it! Perfect for the bird watchers in your life. How about for Mother's day! What a great gift. Such pretty colors and I love the black necklace.
Ok so one more item that caught my eye are these pretty sunrise cards very pretty! Go check out Bee's shop I'm sure you'll find quite a few items that are unique and beautiful :) Oh one more thing~~Bee is another artist who will be in the Handbook to Handmade with me!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I came home from work and went to work

I had a long day at work and I came home and enjoyed going to work on 2 orders that I am trying to finish. One is for a bride, whose handbag is being blocked so I did some work on an order I have for 3 flower brooches. I had lots of fun being creative and working with swarovski crystals for the first time! I have lost most of the sunlight in the house so the pics are a little dark :(

But hey, it's 6:30 and still light out! So this first brooch has the crystals on the petals, and trust me they are very shiny~ I found the fabric at the local fabric shop and I thought it was cool and funky! I love pink and black together.

The second brooch is a rose in a pretty pink shade with super pretty fabric from my fabric stash~ and some gorgeous hand dyes silk ribbon that I purchased this week at the LYS. Ok gotta run, Have a Happy Holiday!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Featured Artist of the Day- Markaplan

Tuesday is going to be Featured Etsy Artist Day on my blog. Because I want to share all this talent with you :) First Up----
I first stumbled accross this awesome Etsian while hanging out in the chat room. I immediately fell in love with this gorgeous Lord Shiva bracelet. which unfortunately is now sold(he who hesiates..). But no worries Mark is so talented I have found several other things that I would love to buy. So let me share them with you ;) And you can go check out Mark's shop .
First up, a gaggle of bangles these are so pretty and in my opinion bangles are super sexy looking on the arm! I bought up awhole bunch in India. They are the perfect accessory for summer!

Ok, next up are some rocking earrings that I will probably purchase before you read this :)
God Is A Woman earrings Just stunning! Mark is so talented and I love the way he uses unusual items in his craft. You can tell that he is a world traveler! Check out his profile/bio- very cool stuff.
Next item that is rock and roll are these totally funky Ms. Nivea Meets Mr. Peroni Recycled Earrings . Wow I mean Wow~~~You are not going to see anyone else wearing these! And talk about a PERFECT gift for that funky friend. I tell you, that is what I love about Etsy. I can't wait for someone's birthday or special occasion to roll around. I know where I'm buying my gifts from!

Ok, so one last item that caught my eye. Looking for something funky to give those new parents? Your best friend have her first baby? check this out::: Whose Your Baby Spoon . This a perfect unique take on the "silver spoon".
Thank you so much to Mark for letting me feature him and please check out his shop here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Have I told you how much I love my street team? We rock it hardcore :) I am just packaging up 2 items for donation. Check out our blog here Always lots of stuff going on there. My first donation is for the Friends of Joey challenge check out the website, it's for a great cause. So here is the flower brooch I made- we had a color scheme which was perfect for spring! I even made this cute little tag to attatch to it- I did some of these for the craft fairs in the winter-

The second donation is for a Co op nursery school in NJ, I made another flower brooch because these are a great little addition to any outfit! I'm thinking about adding them to the shop also for sale- I get to use some of this gorgeous stash of fabric that I have, as well as yarn!!! Using stash is good--makes husband happy----

Also I wanted to post the second shrug I made for Icey~~she's a great gal~~ She totally described exactly what she wanted, even sent me the peacock feathers and a piece of wrapping paper in the exact shade she was looking for. I actually found an awesome yarn in the perfect color, it's so soft....I present....the Peacock Shrug :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Handbook to Handmade

Yesterday I was checking out the EtsyNJ street team messages and I came accross one that was talking about The Handbook to Handmade so I checked it out and I'm in!!! What an awesome idea (thanks Timothy). I am a book nut and I think it's uber cool that someday when I'm 80 sitting around gabbing with the girls I can whip out the handbook and say...see what I was doing back then???? Awesome!!

So the knitting has been busy, I'm currently on special order #2. I'll put a pic of special order #1 for my awesome customer :) I used a new yarn for this capelet. I bought it online from WEBS and it is super soft and perfect weight for now through the summer! I also bought a couple skeins of pale green because, well, you know can't help myself!
I'm also putting the finishes on my donation for the Friends of Joey dinner. I will post about this in the next couple of days, check out the EtsyNJ street team site for more info

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My latest work

Yesterday I tried really hard to buy a spot in the coop for Mary Engelbreight's Home Companion. I left work early (have to make it up today) had my finger on the mouse...oh no..not fast enough. I saw 19 spots remaining and had to scroll down to hit "purchase" uh in those 2.5 seconds=====SOLD OUT===== Fast clickers out there. So no worries...I'll try again next time. I did snag a treasury today, named it Quiche Lorraine after the B52's song. I heard it the other day and it is just stuck in my head..

So my latest addition to the shop is the Paris night shrug, I had fun making this. The yarn is soooo nice to work with. A little pricey but whatever. I love the way it looks.. check it out here. I used the same yarn for the lost in love shrug which you can check out here. I love this one also and Rae looks so cute with that wig on hehe. We had so much fun :) Next up I'm working on a scarf with handpainted alpaca yarn...I'm naming it the peace and love scarf..Check it out soon :)