Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Handbook to Handmade

Yesterday I was checking out the EtsyNJ street team messages and I came accross one that was talking about The Handbook to Handmade so I checked it out and I'm in!!! What an awesome idea (thanks Timothy). I am a book nut and I think it's uber cool that someday when I'm 80 sitting around gabbing with the girls I can whip out the handbook and say...see what I was doing back then???? Awesome!!

So the knitting has been busy, I'm currently on special order #2. I'll put a pic of special order #1 for my awesome customer :) I used a new yarn for this capelet. I bought it online from WEBS and it is super soft and perfect weight for now through the summer! I also bought a couple skeins of pale green because, well, you know can't help myself!
I'm also putting the finishes on my donation for the Friends of Joey dinner. I will post about this in the next couple of days, check out the EtsyNJ street team site for more info http://www.etsynj.blogspot.com/

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Bee said...

Yayyy for Handbook to Handmade! My friend Jen was in Volume 4 and I signed up for Volume 5 as well. Can't wait to see both our pages :)