Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Featured Etsy Artist- BeeDazzles Gifts

Today's featured Etsy artist is Bee from BeeDazzles Gifts. I "met" Bee through a BNR treasury when I bought some of her beautiful cards. Being that the world is so small and we started "chatting" I found out that not only did Bee live in NJ but, she lived in the same town as me!!! Whew~~~small world! So first item up from her lovely shop is Tranqulity 1 necklace So beautiful~ what a wonderful idea to wear a unique piece of art! And I'm all about tranquility. Such beautiful colors she uses in this picture. Definitely a perfect gift.

Ok, next up, one of my favorite items in Bee's shop are her awesome Thank You cards. As an Etsy seller I always like to include a Thank you card to my wonderful customers. And what better card then one that is handmade??? These are Dragonflies Thank you cards So pretty. They are one of my favorite insects to see in the garden during the summer- they love the Boadelia. Bee is so talented, these would make a wonderful hostess gift also (I know I'm always looking for something unique to bring with me).

Next up another gorgeous necklace~ this one has a Hummingbird on it! Perfect for the bird watchers in your life. How about for Mother's day! What a great gift. Such pretty colors and I love the black necklace.
Ok so one more item that caught my eye are these pretty sunrise cards very pretty! Go check out Bee's shop I'm sure you'll find quite a few items that are unique and beautiful :) Oh one more thing~~Bee is another artist who will be in the Handbook to Handmade with me!!


Bee said...

Becca! Thanks so much for this wonderful feature - you are absolutely awesome :) And I hope the weather is improving back there in New Jersey. It actually snowed here on Easter (in Minnesota). Could have used one of your gorgeous capelets!!

terbear said...

I love Bee's cards...as a matter of fact, so do my customers...how do I know that, each one of my customers gets one of bee's cards with their order...they always tell me how lovely her cards are! What a nice write up Happinknits!