Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Featured Artist of the Day- Markaplan

Tuesday is going to be Featured Etsy Artist Day on my blog. Because I want to share all this talent with you :) First Up----
I first stumbled accross this awesome Etsian while hanging out in the chat room. I immediately fell in love with this gorgeous Lord Shiva bracelet. which unfortunately is now sold(he who hesiates..). But no worries Mark is so talented I have found several other things that I would love to buy. So let me share them with you ;) And you can go check out Mark's shop .
First up, a gaggle of bangles these are so pretty and in my opinion bangles are super sexy looking on the arm! I bought up awhole bunch in India. They are the perfect accessory for summer!

Ok, next up are some rocking earrings that I will probably purchase before you read this :)
God Is A Woman earrings Just stunning! Mark is so talented and I love the way he uses unusual items in his craft. You can tell that he is a world traveler! Check out his profile/bio- very cool stuff.
Next item that is rock and roll are these totally funky Ms. Nivea Meets Mr. Peroni Recycled Earrings . Wow I mean Wow~~~You are not going to see anyone else wearing these! And talk about a PERFECT gift for that funky friend. I tell you, that is what I love about Etsy. I can't wait for someone's birthday or special occasion to roll around. I know where I'm buying my gifts from!

Ok, so one last item that caught my eye. Looking for something funky to give those new parents? Your best friend have her first baby? check this out::: Whose Your Baby Spoon . This a perfect unique take on the "silver spoon".
Thank you so much to Mark for letting me feature him and please check out his shop here.

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capitolagirl said...

What a fun blog! I love those Ms. Nivea earrings, they are really original!