Sunday, December 24, 2006

I guess 3 pics per post max on blogger.....

Here's the pics of knitted stuff....

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

One of my favorite holidays. I always cook christmas eve dinner. I used all white lights to decorate indoor and outdoor this year. I have been busy cooking, baking and knitting. I am still finishing the sweater for Maricella, It's being blocked (talk about last minute!!!!) I will post the finished project also. I will be seeing my father for the first time in almost 2+1/2 years tommorrow. I really missed seeing him and talking to him so I am very thankful to be able to see him. This year has been a difficult one. Lots of stuff going on that I don't feel ready to talk about yet. Let's just say that it has been a learning and growing experience. So I bought 2 ornaments that express things that need to be in our day to day lives: peace and love. I have learned that I need to slow down and rest. My new motto: "It is what it is" no sense in always pushing things, they must happen for a reason. I'm in a book club with my yoga teacher, "Radical Healing" by Dr. Rudolph Ballentine. The book explores alternative -eastern philosophy/medicine. Very cool book if your interested in that stuff you should pick it up, I bought mine on amazon. So I will leave you with pic of sweater and mini skull bag that I knit for my niece as a present- she's into the goth thing (I remember those days), I also bought her a pair of Docs (her first!!!!) Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Monday, December 04, 2006

getting ready for the holidays

Hope everyone had a great turkey day. I have been so busy it's difficult to find time to post. Hubby took this picture of kitty. Isn't she so pretty? Poor little her, so sick lately. Can't seem to keep food down. Last night it was bad. And she is currently on the all you can eat boiled chicken diet. Our new name for her is gray ear because she has suddenly turned very light haired on her head. I just think it's liter dust H just rolls his eyes at me. She's 15, pretty up there in kitten years, she's my pal. She is also a daddy's girl as you can see from the pic, she would never let me dress her up and take pictures of her.
On the knitting front I finished another pocketbook, boy o boy can't decide if I want to keep this one or give it away for christmas... This bag I used Lamb's pride yarn and bought the ribbon from M&J trimmings in NYC. The handles came from one of the oneline shops, but they were very expensive. Too expensive, at M&J you can get the bamboo for about $8-9 these I paid $14. The ribbon was pricey but it's hand dyed silk- so pretty and soft. I also purchased a super duper heavy needle for my sewing machine ( I broke 3 on the last bag I lined). It made installing the lining a breeze... And of course my newest obsession is funky fabric so I have plenty on hand.