Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Needle Felting is FUN

Tuesdays are my crafty mornings. I always create new things! I finally took my needle felting machine out of the box and decided to have some fun! I wanted to create another Yesterday and Today scarf/cuff combo. OMG! let me just tell you this is the coolest, funest present ever!! (Thank you Mr S!!!!!) you are the best husband ever :) This is too much fun for one person to have! I used some ozark handspun for the top border, and some hannah hand dyed silk for the bottom and side borders. I had the funky czech glass button from a trip to the bead shop in Manasaquan. And some vintage lace and swarovksi crystals. It is going to be difficult to part with this beautiful piece. Speaking of beautiful, I sold my Peace bag to a lovely gal in the UK. I was just about to unlist it and keep it for myself!! So much time and work went into that bag. I'm sure she will enjoy it :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I was featured!

I was featured today on Cinnamon and Honey's blog. Robin was kind enough to give me an interview and posted it on her super cool blog check it out here. I loved her blog so much that I hired Darcy (she is the person who created Robin's blog) to redo my blog! I can't wait!!!

Busy day today, I finished another custom Incognito cowl. I knit this one in 3 different colors; grey, chartreuse and blue. I love the way it came out. Very funky indeed. I also finished another covert knit cowl. I used the new pink color that came out in TNQ. Very pretty. I wanted to use the needlefelting machine to embelish the brooch but when I took it out of the box there was no foot pedal or cord and the machine had fibers on it----it had been used!!!! So I took it back today and exchanged it for another. Soooo tommorrow hopefully I will get a chance to play with it a bit!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Quiet Christmas

It was a quiet holiday this year! Usually I have a house full on Christmas Eve. I make a huge pot (ok, usually it winds up being 2 pots) of marinara sauce. This tradition was passed on from my Aunt Retta, who, physically transferred the wooden spoon to me in a "ceremony" my first year in my own home. It was a small little bungalow in Lavallette, but I managed to do Christmas in a BIG way! So, this year it was just 9 of us. Down from 30 last year. It was a good thing though because I have been, not well. Respiratory issues. Going for a CAT scan of the chest tommorrow. But I digress. So I learned a great deal this holiday season. I cannot do everything all the time. Ha! I have to laugh at the way that looks in writing. I used my Yogi skills to just Let It Go... Not an easy thing for the Queen of attatchment. Not a cookie baked, less decorations up in the house, not all the cards got sent out, I didn't even have fresh flowers on my "tablescape". You know what, no one even noticed that. It was a lovely, quiet night.

On another note, I finally opened my present today! An E10 Huskystar embelishment machine (aka needle felter) and...no foot pedal and the thing has fiber on the plate---It's been used!!!! All this time I've been waiting to open that baby up and use it, the time comes and....ugh..it's going back. but, not tonight.. nope going to Let It Go... and have myself a nice glass of wine and finish a custom order for the Incognito cowl... and hopefully finish a brooch for a pink covert knit cowl :) I'm also including a pic of my new scarflette. I ordered this yarn from England, oh my goodness.. I am in love... The colors are GORGEOUS!!! I actually have 2 scarfs that I made for me out of it! But for this one I used one of those funky hand made wooden buttons that I bought on Etsy, groovy!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Whimsical Tree

I had an idea this year to do a "second" tree. I wanted something a bit on the whimsical, "girlie" side. I had it orginally in the foyer when you walk in the house, but I have since moved it to the dining room. You can see it in the window from the street. It looks perfect there. I had fun collecting perfect ornaments for this tree. I started with some fairies and collected birds, angels wings, butterflys. I also added some funky "pom pom" garland in a white with pinkish tinsel, some fushia and cream christmas ball and voila....I am just finishing up on 2 custom Incognito cowl orders.. They have been so popular! I finally have one for myself too- in a cabernet color :) I am still working on new designs. I am excited to use my Christmas present--- A huskystar needlefelting machine. I have been buying roving and of course hearting all kinds of roving on Etsy. I actually did a wee bit of felting the other night. I am going crazy to take the machine out of the box, BUT... I can wait for Santa :)

I guess I should include a pitcure of THE tree,,,hehe. It took me awhile to get everything done this year. I have been very sick with this respiratory/cough thing. So I had to practice "letting go" of my usual holiday self. aka..Miss I can do EVERYTHING...So, not a cookie baked (sorry grandmom).. I left that up to my sister this year. I had high hopes of getting to it, but not enough energy. I will be cooking my sauce (aka "gravy") on monday night for Christmas eve. I did all the food shopping today...

Oh and a big thank you to Mr. S....aka the Man cowl model. You are a hit on Etsy. Thank you for so graciously modeling for me.you are THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!....Santa has a BIG suprise for you ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Featured Etsy Artist- LiciaBeads

I haven't done this in awhile, so here is the Featured Etsy artist, December version. LiciaBeads. her lovely Etsy shop can be found here.
These lovely Honeysuckle vine earrings can be found here. They are so unique and I love pink and green.
How did you start your craft?
My background in beading.... started in 1990 when I butted in on what my sister and her friend were doing with those beads. I started out with simple seed beaded single strand jewelry in school, selling them to students (usually with names of girlfriends or boyfriends). I was able to use more semi precious stones when the teachers asked for custom work. It was always fun to put real stones in jewelry, and I still enjoy the chance to use something more "elaborate" than my standard items that I tend to work with.

Off and on for the past 18 years I have collected, some would say amassed several thousand dollars worth of beads. I say that, but they are so small and innocent looking. Leaving the bead store with the smallest bag ob beads and findings can still amount to several hundred dollars. They really are amazing how they add up!
These stunning teal and glass lampwork earrings can be found here.

When did you start sharing your wonderful talent with people on Etsy?
I had been selling off and on and giving plenty of gifts but only this year got serious (or as serious as my budget would afford) about selling my jewelry. I found Etsy via the various fiber blogs that I had been reading over the winter (as I knit as well) and decided to toss my small hat into the oceanic sized ring that are the Etsy beaded jewelry makers.

This super pretty necklace is perfect for the Happiknits color palette! Aptly named April necklace is reminds me of spring...I LOVE it!! check it out here

I am still gathering useful information from the wonderfully generous community that is Etsy, and enjoy being a part of it. I think it is fantastic that individual artists are able to sell to people around the world and be in direct contact with each other.

Licia's shop is lovely and full of awesome jewels, I see a stunning display of her craftmanship in her Textural Atmosphere necklace. A challenge piece for the Etsy Beadweaver's challenge~ I love good team challenge! It is gorgeous! check out some additional photos here . Also you can visit her blog at http://www.liciapots.blogspot.com/

Friday, November 14, 2008


Woohoo I've been busy! And it all started with this awesome cowl...The Incognito..This yummy cowl sold the first day I listed it. Then it was included in a Storque article by TeenAngster that you can check out here all about oversized cowls. (Thank you!) and then It was featured in Weekend Deals last weekend when I ran a weekend special (Thank you MaryMary) you can view that here As a blog reader I will honor the special for you until 11/30/08- Buy 2 or more items get free US shipping! Enter code: BEHAPY in note to seller. Thank you to all me new customers for helping to support handmade ;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Boot camp week 4

Whew 2 more days of boot camp and then off for 2 weeks, becaue I signed up for the next session!!! It gets easier to get up at 5:30am, you just have to be disciplines enough to go to bed early. Meaurements coming up on friday, so we will see.

So the Fashion design and lifestyle team has a new challenge that we are working on..Because one of the Project Runway finalists is an Etsy seller (Leanne) we have decided to do a PR challenge. So I'm posting a pic of a very, rough, still in the works piece. I have the basic idea of what I want to do, totally inspired by Leanne's choice of colors for Bryant Park. I used a double ruffle on the bottom. I love the way the back came out, now I have to work on the front!
Also check out my shop I have lots of new items going on! I am introducing the Incognito cowl in several colors :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Boot Camp week 1

I started "boot camp" this week. This necessitates me getting up at 5:15am on mon,wed and fri and meeting at the local fitness center for 45 minutes of cardio/weight lifting. I think there are about 10 of us girls. I made it through the first week, I am sore. But you know what? By 7am I am done with my workout and ready to start the day. Will keep you posted on the weight loss~ Now if I can get up tommorrow and do a cardio workout that would be key ;)

Working on a great new cowl for the shop~~~ coming soon!! Hint it's funky, big , and snuggly!!! I also added a couple of new pieces this week. The mantra capelet and the Agni shrug/scarf combo. They are both perfect for the cold weather season!! I am also honored to have hit 100 sales today!!! Woohoo!!! My 100th customer will be receiving an xtra special thank you gift!
Thank you to all my awesome customers :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fashion Design and Lifestyle contest

We are running an awesome contest over at the FDL blog, check it out here Lots of great prizes to win~ It's free to participate!! I am donating this awesome brooch to the giveaway. I L*O*V*E toile. I figure it's perfect with a plethora of colors. And big excitement yesterday~~~ I was honored to be on the front page of Etsy twice! The Margarita shrug and The Fire Goddess scarf. Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tagged by Phydeaux

I've been tagged by Brenda over at Phydeaux. So here is the rules spiel. Here are the rules:1) Link to the person who tagged you2) Post the rules on your blog (this is what you are now reading)3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below)4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them (This is only a game)5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog6) Let the tagger know when your entry is upHere are six random things about myself:
Ok so my random things:
1. I grew up by the beach in New Jersey, I love the ocean, I would swim until my lips turned blue. When I was 10 I got caught in a rip current on a boogie board. I knew not to panic, but that was all I knew. I was far out and close the the jetties (rock formation). My best friend Danny who was 3 years older than me swam out and kept me "company" until the life guards got their act together.

2. I love to cook. My grandmother was the greatest cook/baker on the face of the earth. She taught me many things, including how to make homemade pierogis, the best pie crust ever and rugelah. I miss her terribly.

3. I didn't go to college until I was 27. Post parental divorce I moved out on my own at age 18. I worked in a pharmacy full time and waitressed at night part time. I worked 7 days a week, 12 hours most days. I supported myself. I got it in my head that I wanted to go to school to be a pharmacist and never looked back- failure was not an option. And oh yeah, I had a theme song- doesn't everyone have one of those?

4. I started taking yoga at the insistance of my chiropracter, and fell in love. The girl who hated gym all through grammer and highschool is a certified yoga teacher now :) oh and I love to spin too..

5. When I was growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I knew I would never be able to put an animal to sleep.

6. I love seventies music, I grew up listening to it and I still do :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Joy is in the journey

I wanted to post about my latest project. It came as a custom request from a fellow Etsy seller Bananasaurasrex. She has a lovely shop with pretty hand sewn lavender eye pillows. She asked for a cross between one of my capelets and one of my cowls. The color she requested led me on a journey to a new yarn. Pricey but, DEFINETLY worth it. Besides, if anyone knows me, they know I think nothing of buying a $30.00 skein of yarn if I am in love with it. I consider myself, what is referred to in the knitting world as a "yarn snob" I have relaxed myself a little more lately, knowing that beautiful things don't have to cost a fortune. So back to said project, I received the yarn and proceeded to fall head over heels for it. It is sooooo soft. As a knitter there is always joy (sometimes frustration and swearing), but mostly joy in the knitting. Then there are those projects that are just pure ecstacy to do. They take you back to the first time you got a pattern right, or the first project you completed... bliss..... Well, that is how I describe knitting with this yarn. The feel of it in my hands, delightful!! Anyway, now that those of you reading this who don't knit think I might be crazy, I will stop my ranting and raving. I leave you with a couple of photos of The French Grey cowl :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some new stuff

Things have been busy here. I am mostly working hard to prepare for fall. Lots of creativity going on. I am trying some new things and attempting to do some "green" things as well. My new serenity cuff is actually from an old beloved sweater. I was trying something new to take the photos. I wanted to surround the piece with some items that are serene to me...like some of my vintage buttons :) This listing is going to be in one of LADIES of ETSY EXPOSED by VickyDiane designs. She makes awesome treasuries. The first exposed series I spotted was for the Men of Etsy- NICE!!! It's cool to see the face behind the computer screen. I've also been playing around on facebook quite a bit, found some old friends on there which is super cool. I also finished a new faerie scarf I love this one!!! Reminds me of fall and the Cranberry festival. Speaking of fall I also did a "duet" with thirdfloor designs. I thought these would be the perfect accent to that special outfit. Beth and I had fun collaborating on this, and look for more in the future from us and the FDL team. Here's a link to the Copperline necklace. Gorgeous!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


whew it's hot here in NJ and I found this link on an Etsy treasury, so I thought I would share it . Click stop on playlist before listening to this :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ithaca a very Hip spot

So we had our ladies weekend in Ithaca. It was alot of fun~although whirlwindish. Lots of awesome food! We ate at the Moosewood. I have several of their cookbooks so I was wanting to try it out. Awesome!!!! Kiona ate most of my lunch though because she thought it was "pizza", but it was really polenta with eggplant covered with stewed tomatoes and mozz cheese. Hehe, she is so sweet. We also went to alot of the shops downtown. A little warning here. I have a small pocketbook, one of the shops that I was in wanted me to give him my "bag" when I went in the changing room. As in my pocketbook. Uh, no, I don't think so. Accusations of possible theft are such a turnoff while shopping. A) I'm not 16 years old B) my bag is so small that a large hippy skirt would no way ever be able to be shoved in there and C) I think he was going to rob me, or copy down my credit card info for a later identity theft. So people please tell people who try to do this to you that, thanks but no thanks. There are plenty of other places for me to spend my cash. So I got some great pics of Rach in my new newsboy cap. I couldn't help taking them in front of this gorgeous field of wild flowers. She's such a ham :) I also got some pics of mom with kiona at Buttermilk falls. Kiona had fun swimming in the pool at the hotel also. She is the sweetest little girl!The other great thing about Ithaca is that there is art all over the place there. Especially by the down town shops. This one "Art makes everything better" is actually painted on some plywood that is surrounding some road work. They should do that everywhere!! very cool! All in all a nice weekend, albeit a fast one.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For My Grandmother

******Great news~~ the day of her surgery she was told it was not cancer and was just a mass of scar tissue from radiation, they removed it and she was home the same day!!!!!! Amen!******While my grandmother was visiting for her 85th birthday party she found a lump on her breast. Seven years ago she had undergone radiation for breast cancer. She has had no problems since, but when she went back to florida they looked at the lump and said it is breast cancer. Recommendation lumpectomy or possibly a mastectomy. Scary many reasons. I at the same day she was having her evaluation got called back for a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound because the radilogist did not like the way my yearly mammo looked. My second mammo came back with a benign cyst. So, inspired by these I made this pretty lariat. A reminder to do a yearly mammo and regular breast checks. Visit the Komen foundation for more info.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy girl

Ok, so it's summer. Well, here in NJ it's summer. So not really scarf wearing weather. But I figure a shrug is awesome for this time of year. So I have been cranking out the shrugs. The latest one I was inspired for the first version by my friend Icey. She needed something "sea" themed for her wreck the dress bash. So I created something for her that reminded me of a sea"net", I love this stitch pattern. Worn it opens up and is a super sexy, way to show a little skin. The yarn is a soft acrylic mix I found on my travels. It comes in some beautiful colors so I picked up 3 additional ones.

For the second shrug I had a beautiful light blue color picked out. It reminded me of stars for some reason~~ don't ask how my mind works~~ So I wanted to do the same pattern, but I wanted to do something with stars. So I decided to make a brooch with felt. First time for this, but I figured what the heck. I love it!!! I wish I had a wedding or something to go to because I would keep it for myself!! So now I am working on the next challenge for the FDLteam I have been working with Beth to keep the shop running and we have had 3 sales thus far!! Very exciting indeed. Our theme is tribal or ethnic using the colors of the sunset. I made a cowl, but it's not really a "summer" item, so I am thinking, thinking.....Ahhh what to make??? Maybe I will try a lariat, stay tuned!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

You Are Cordially Invited- FDL Deb Ball

We are ready to kick off Project Debutante with the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Team on Etsy! To debut the new team on Etsy, we will create individual items using the theme of a debutante ball. These balls are fancy, formal and lavish affairs introducing young women into society. For our ball, the “debutante” is our team and the “party” is virtual.

I have created a gorgeous shrug named Look at Me you can see more pics here.

Invitation is open to all, come solo or bring a friend. Check it out here. Come dressed to the nines, and ready to party!!

I was so inspired by this team challenge, and seeing the gorgeous items that were created by my team mates I can see that they were as well. I have been asked to handle administration in the team shop with Beth from Thirdfloor designs~~ a complete honor!!

So I offer you a sneak peak into some of the other guests closets, so you can see how they will be adorned at the ball...

Beth at Third Floor Designs has created this gorgeous wrap, so very beautiful... She is aptly named Geisha in Red and Turquoise, see more of her here. Beth has a lovely shop, she is very talented. Check out her shop here.

Every girl needs some bling for the party and Morgan from Karma11 has created a piece that I love!! It is aptly named The Circle of Love necklace and you can view it here. I also love this wearable piece of art from Nora over at

Daintycrochetbyaly. She has a stunning shop and is so talented. Check out more pics of this stunner here. Also every gal needs a dress for the ball, so Love2sew has created a stunner she named Show Em the Moves and you can see more photos here. If you're the type of gal who prefers something a little more steampunk Stargazer29609 has created the perfect reversible corset for you!! check out more pics of it here. Finally, every gal needs a little sparkle on her ear, and Laurabaille designs has created a lovely set of bling for your lobes. Check out more pics here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Always and Forever~Happy Anniversary

Today is the day I married my best friend :) Six years ago.. It was the best day of my life.. We had a beautiful wedding that we will never forget.

To my husband~~I love you today more than the day I met you, and just a little bit less than tommorrow, for each day with you is a great adventure, a day to be treasured. Thank you for being my best friend, my love, my rock..

I also wanted to post some pics of the beautiful mendhi I had done before the wedding. I was the luckiest girl...I got to wear 2 dresses at my wedding (1 indian, 1 traditional american) and a gorgeous sari to our rehersal dinner. My mom and I saw the sari in Edison and my mother in-law went back and bought it for me :) ~~Thanks mom!! We miss you and dad so much!!!~~~My mother in law also went to India and had my wedding sari made for me--she is the best mother in law a daughter could ever hope for!! Here is a pic of her giving me my dress the night before the wedding..

Here's some of the mendhi and my mother and I..

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Your health is very important

OK, so mostly I blog about knitting, my shop, etsy :)
But today I thought I would give a little friendly advice (being I am a healthcare professional)...That brings me to my statement, always check with your healthcare provider before taking any advice from lil ol me...
So anyway, here are my two bits of advice.

Numero Uno...Get a mammogram. I just had my yearly done. It takes 5 minutes and you know what, a little squeeze and you get piece of mind. 5 minutes ladies :) that's it. Life saver. Probably one of the easiest tests you'll ever have.

Have you ever had accupuncture? What a novel idea for pain. I went today for my first visit. I have had chronic tendonitis, (hmmm could it be all the knitting????) anyway. I have had 3 steroid shots and 2 rounds of physical therapy and 1 year later, I still have alot of pain. But, for me, no meds. Nope. Look, if I break something, that's a different story. Don't get me wrong tendonitis is extremly painful, especially at night when you are trying(key word~~~trying) to sleep. But I'm a suck up the pain type of gal, always have been. Tough german stock here. So anyway, back to the accupuncture. I went in feeling my normal in pain, stressed out self and came out 2 hours later (initial visit, paperwork, interview, etc...actual time of needles in body~~half hour) feeling like a limp noodle. That's right...a noodle. I still feel like a noodle, all relaxed and, well, happy :) Pain in arm is less (still there but hey it's only one treatment). So if you've got issues. Try some eastern medicine, especially if western isn't cutting it for you.

Alright, that's my "rant" for today. I was just so excited about the way I feel post treatment I wanted to share.

Monday, April 28, 2008

EtsyNJ central jersey meetup

We had a really cool meetup yesterday. I'm loving the street team thing, what a great idea Etsy admin!!!! We met at Panera on Rt 1 in North Brunswick. So I had such a nice time I thought I would feature some of my favorites from these girls shops. Angela~~such a lovely woman~~I will gladly feature you when you post some items :)
So first up is Marisa from Purplelicious, great shop!! This is her ChezMoi green floral head band check it out here she has some awesome stuff in her shop.

Next up is Heather's shop Astrums, this is an awesome shop!!!! I instantly fell in love with this Dorset Rex brass evening bag. Oh boy do I have a spot in my heart for vintage :) check it out here. She has alot of really cool jewels and vintage in her shop.

Next up is Ribbon craft Botique. If you have little one's this is the shop for you. She has lots of goodies for little girls :) check these cool barrettes out here

Next up is creations by Danielle. This shop has lots of cool vintage stuff also. If you have read through any of my blog or seen my work you know I LOVE vintage buttons. check them out here. Very cute shop, lots of goodies!!!

And last but certainly not least Kerrie from Phoenix Jems. She is so talented with her craft. She had one of her beautiful necklaces on at the meetup. Simply stunning!!! I love this necklace in her shop~~One of my favorite colors~~ check it out here. So as you can see the EtsyNJ street team has some real talent!!!! But of course that's just how us Jersey girls roll ;)