Sunday, May 31, 2009


Learning about non-attachment has been a long journey for me to date. I was reading yesterday and came accross a tiny article talking about Ishvara Pranidhana(IP), or non-attachment to one's actions. I spend alot of time trying(albeit, not successfully yet ) to practice Aparigraha, which is non-attatchment to things. These are slightly different and to be honest, I forgot all about IP until reading said article. This was posted after a woman's story of doing a iron man race. Swimming, cycling, running. Very challenging! But this practice teaches us to focus on the quality of an act rather than the outcome. The joy comes from doing the act itself, not the outcome. It makes everything into practice. It allows the burden of our ego to be dropped. I love this idea. You can read an article by Shiva Rea here

I tried to use this idea during my yoga practice this morning. It really helped bring me back to my breath and forget about the ego, clear my head and stay in the pose longer. It felt more...peaceful.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary

To my wonderful husband, It seems as though we just met yesterday, how the time spent with you goes so quickly. I remember when I first saw you, what you were wearing and how my heart sped up at the very sight of you. It still does the same thing today. I think to myself how the fates brought us together at just the right time. How I had searched so long to find you, and when I thought my wish would never come came into my life. We enjoyed each other's friendship right from the beginning and today and always you will be my best friend. In 7 years of marriage we have grown together, through the good times and the challenges, we have faced them together and learned from them. I love you today, tommorrow, always and forever .

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Yesterday was my niece's birthday. So on route to my sister's house is one of my favorite Antique shops. A 3 story emporium. I rarely make it past the first floor before reaching or exceeding my budget. I thought I would share my finds with you. I seem to be looking at things a bit differently now
. I look for possibilities. Don't get me wrong, I love vintage clothing, back in the eighties it was all I wore. But the dress I found yesterday is for the material. It's gorgeous. My mom said that the dress maker was a very upscale back in the fifties. I also look at the vintage necklaces as a source for beads. Funky beads! So I think I did pretty well yesterday. Some gorgeous black eyelet fabric. There is about 3 yards of it! I am going to have ALOT of fun with that :) I also found some beautiful Ecru lace fabric and wide black lace. And last but not least a funky fifties apron that has an awesome print in grey and pink, and some seam binding to go along with it! The item with the pink "wheel" shapes on it is a needle holder!
On a different note I also wanted to share some of the stunning handspun yarn I received today from Felt Studio UK. She does stunning work! This is the second time I have bought from her and I cannot wait to start working with these yarns!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Setting a Goal

So today I am sitting here writing and I am wearing a pair of jeans that a month ago did not fit me. Now I actually have room in them. Hard work and persistance is finally paying off. I am about to finish my 9th month straight of bootcamp. Never in my life did I think I would be the girl getting up at 5:30 am to exercise. Perhaps I should have. Because, it works for me. Sure you have to have the discipline but instead of spending all day talking myself out of exercising after work, etc.. We all do it. Find a million and one excuses. All I have to do is get out of bed. How do I motivate myself to do that? I want to be able to fit in said jeans. Small goal, manageable goal. For months nothing happened. Then I really modified my diet, and I set a small goal. Fit into a pair of jeans that have not seen the light of day in over a year. Happy to say, goal 1 acheieved. My next goal, fit into a dress. My girlfriend Michele and I were talking about a red dress. She wants to take some photos, and wanted a long red dress. I have one. I have not worn it for along time. It's a Ralph Lauren that I purchased and wore for a wedding about 5 years ago. The last wedding we went to I tried to fit in it. No good, no way. So my next goal is to fit into that dress so I can be Michele's model. I've always been a goal setter. Not for unreachable goals, but for attainable ones. Do you set goals?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Have I Found My Green Thumb?

I really love spring. I must have said that a million times already. It was not until my husband and I moved into our first apartment together that I tried my hand at gardening. It wasn't much, just a container garden for the balcony. But I took care of it so well that the trailing vine in it grew from the second floor almost down to the lawn. A little backround info here. It was not my first apartment. I have lived on my own since the age of 18 when my parents seperated and it was definetly time for me to leave the nest. I was always envious of both of my sisters. One sister, had an awesome garden in her backyard. She definetly had the "green" thumb. My other sister spent many years working in florists, and garden centers and she definetly has the thumb. So for many years I thought it skipped over me. Then we bought our home. Lots of space for planting! As a matter of fact I laid claim to a lovely little strip of land at the top of the driveway. Mr. S calls it my "willy-nilly" garden. I try to explain to him every year that gardens have charm that way. There does not to be order to everything. It's my playground. My zen spot. The Lily of the Valley are my favorite! They were a transplant from my friend Janet. They love it here! Every year they multiply like crazy! She also gave me a Hosta that grows full sun!!!! Don't ask me why I planted it in that spot(lack of knowledge) but it works. That is until the deer attack. And they do. They eat everything. I'm still struggling to harvest echinachea. I have spent hundreds only to never see a second year out of them. My other favorite is the azaleas and the Rhododendrums. The azaleas had a rough winter as a deer buffet. But I use my old coffee grinds as food and this seems to help them pop back. I have also planted egyptian garlic in my beds hoping the smell will ward off the deer. I will let you know how it works. It's pretty funky looking also! So? what do think? did I find my thumb yet? On my way? Boy this post looks really green :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Love Affair

I confess, I am currently in love with cuffs. Can't get enough of them. I have been working all morning on my latest one. I wish the sun would come out so I could photograph it( I did get one shot on Friday, but it is not the finished product). Not looking too likely here today. I'm actually trying to motivate myself to leave the house. Terrible isn't it? I used to be the type of person who was always on the go. This seemed to change in the past 3 years. Don't misunderstand me here. I get up at the crack of dawn. But, I prefer to lose myself in my little craft studio/sunroom. Some nice music playing, or maybe just listening to the birds. That to me is quality time. Today it's softly raining here, everything is green and blooming. Lovely. I think I'll stay in and do some more creating, inspiration is so easy in the spring!