Sunday, May 31, 2009


Learning about non-attachment has been a long journey for me to date. I was reading yesterday and came accross a tiny article talking about Ishvara Pranidhana(IP), or non-attachment to one's actions. I spend alot of time trying(albeit, not successfully yet ) to practice Aparigraha, which is non-attatchment to things. These are slightly different and to be honest, I forgot all about IP until reading said article. This was posted after a woman's story of doing a iron man race. Swimming, cycling, running. Very challenging! But this practice teaches us to focus on the quality of an act rather than the outcome. The joy comes from doing the act itself, not the outcome. It makes everything into practice. It allows the burden of our ego to be dropped. I love this idea. You can read an article by Shiva Rea here

I tried to use this idea during my yoga practice this morning. It really helped bring me back to my breath and forget about the ego, clear my head and stay in the pose longer. It felt more...peaceful.


pebble said...

great blog~!!

Becca said...

Thank you! I think your blog is awesome!

tantra flower said...

The words non-attachment can be frightening to people who don't understand its true meaning. Our basic human nature is to want to connect; the term non-attachment seems contrary to our nature. You are so right, it is about living in the present and enjoying what is here and now, focusing on the journey rather than the destination. I'll refrain from dropping a dissertation in your comments here... I'm just so happy that I found your blog. xoxoxo