Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Have I Found My Green Thumb?

I really love spring. I must have said that a million times already. It was not until my husband and I moved into our first apartment together that I tried my hand at gardening. It wasn't much, just a container garden for the balcony. But I took care of it so well that the trailing vine in it grew from the second floor almost down to the lawn. A little backround info here. It was not my first apartment. I have lived on my own since the age of 18 when my parents seperated and it was definetly time for me to leave the nest. I was always envious of both of my sisters. One sister, had an awesome garden in her backyard. She definetly had the "green" thumb. My other sister spent many years working in florists, and garden centers and she definetly has the thumb. So for many years I thought it skipped over me. Then we bought our home. Lots of space for planting! As a matter of fact I laid claim to a lovely little strip of land at the top of the driveway. Mr. S calls it my "willy-nilly" garden. I try to explain to him every year that gardens have charm that way. There does not to be order to everything. It's my playground. My zen spot. The Lily of the Valley are my favorite! They were a transplant from my friend Janet. They love it here! Every year they multiply like crazy! She also gave me a Hosta that grows full sun!!!! Don't ask me why I planted it in that spot(lack of knowledge) but it works. That is until the deer attack. And they do. They eat everything. I'm still struggling to harvest echinachea. I have spent hundreds only to never see a second year out of them. My other favorite is the azaleas and the Rhododendrums. The azaleas had a rough winter as a deer buffet. But I use my old coffee grinds as food and this seems to help them pop back. I have also planted egyptian garlic in my beds hoping the smell will ward off the deer. I will let you know how it works. It's pretty funky looking also! So? what do think? did I find my thumb yet? On my way? Boy this post looks really green :)


Anonymous said...

I think you HAVE found your green thumb and it's as beautiful as you are! What gorgeous gardens!

Becca said...

Thank You!

Jason, as himself said...

Hi Becca--these are stunning!