Wednesday, March 21, 2007

some new crafty stuff

I have been using the sewing machine in lieu of knitting as of late. It's good stress relief also because I have to pay such close attention to everything I am doing. Oh and of course I have to rip out seams and resew. Oy, just like the knitting. I guess this is how I will become sew-er extrodinare. My mom and I were shopping around in the local fabric store on sunday and I came upon this cool fabric. It has all kinds of bride-ish sayings on it. I am going to a bridal shower this weekend and have been wanting to try out my sewing skills on a pillowcase, so... I made one for the bride to be. It is cute (if I say so myself) I would have enjoyed receiving something like this. I took a close-up of some of the sayings...So cute. I will confess I did have some logistic problems measuring out the fabric evenly. And I had to consult mom on several things, but all in all a success. I also finished a shell. I got the pattern for free when I bought the yarn from WEBS. Its cute and as usual I was confused by the pattern, so the last time I was in the LYS the nice lady there (who was also slightly baffled at first) helped me realize that I was knitting from the top down. It would be nice if they told you that in the pattern, but I guess it is "implied" in the directions...But it was very easy after I realized what was what. It is a one size fits all. I also want to post some pics of the babies. They are growing so fast. Speaking of kitties. Does everyone know about the cat and dog food recall??? We actually had some of the food that was on the recall, but the code numbers didn't match up. I didn't realize there where so many different brands on the list! Babies went for shots today so they are currently all sleeping. They did grow quite a bit in a month. The calico is the heavy-weight by 2 ozs over zoe belle (grey) and Rajne weighed in at 2lb 1oz....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Full Moon Madness

Glad to have had the weekend off, because last week was insanity. Have I told you lately how my customers are special? how they live in this place we have renamed Entitlement? Mother truckers. Just give me my paycheck and let me go on my merry way. Honestly. And please, kind readers do me a favor- hang up your cell phone when your picking up your drugs. Do you talk on that blue tooth thing while your in the doctor's office? Do you think maybe you might miss something important? I refuse to put one of those brain cancer magnets in my ear. Next to your BRAIN. I can't even stand to talk on the cell phone for more than 3-5 minutes at a clip. I am getting better at not going to the counter to listen to the bs going on there. I just wish I didn't hear everything that's going on. Oh and BTW I think it's interesting how people who were nasty to you think you won't remember them. I remember just about everything. That's how I got through school- good memory. OK,OK enough ranting. It's just that every once and awhile I have to let it out. As soon as H clears off the memory card I will post knitting pics... Bought some new fiber today. Like I needed more.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

cuteness abounds!!!!!

The cuteness factor around here is incredible. Everywhere you look there is cuteness. The girls now have full run of the downstairs (they have not as of yet made their way upstairs). On monday they figured out how to scale the gate in the kitchen so we just took it down. I didn't want them falling off of it. I am a paranoid mommy. They look so innocent right?
One more thing I would like to mention today. Do you watch that singing show on tv? you know the one... starts with A (first word) I (second word)-sorry I don't want the mass influx of people on this website if I mention names. So even if you don't watch, by now you may have heard the ruckus about this girl from NJ- Point Pleasant to be exact. You know, pictures (scantily clad) and videos ("it's not her") blah,blah. Please don't take this as representation of Jersey Shore girls. I grew up at the ocean- we don't call it "the shore" that's a "benny" (anyone not from the area) word. So what makes a good representation of a girl who grew up near the ocean in NJ? Not this girl in the headlines. We jersey girls like to: a) hang out at the beach in the summer, from the first warm day all the way up until October b) get dressed to the nines and go out dancing with our girlfriends c) curse all the extra traffic that comes into our towns during the summer months (benny's go home) d) represent ourselves in a dignified manner. At least in the town I grew up in (Sea Girt) nice town, and the town I worked in (Manasquan). All bordering Pt. Pleasant. So if you watch that show- do us Jersey girls a favor- don't vote for that A girl, ugh, she cannot sing.....
End of rant-next post I promise some knitting pics...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The babies are here

We picked up our new babies yesterday. They are 6 weeks old today!!! Eila (calico), Rajni (black) and Zoebelle (gray). They are so sweet. Didn't want to sleep last night because I wanted to continue the snuggle fest that was going on while watching tv. Eila was so comfy she was talking in her sleep!!!! Just a quick post, wanted to show the pics... PS....they are already daddy's girls, however one in particular has him wrapped around her little white paw....