Friday, December 26, 2008

Quiet Christmas

It was a quiet holiday this year! Usually I have a house full on Christmas Eve. I make a huge pot (ok, usually it winds up being 2 pots) of marinara sauce. This tradition was passed on from my Aunt Retta, who, physically transferred the wooden spoon to me in a "ceremony" my first year in my own home. It was a small little bungalow in Lavallette, but I managed to do Christmas in a BIG way! So, this year it was just 9 of us. Down from 30 last year. It was a good thing though because I have been, not well. Respiratory issues. Going for a CAT scan of the chest tommorrow. But I digress. So I learned a great deal this holiday season. I cannot do everything all the time. Ha! I have to laugh at the way that looks in writing. I used my Yogi skills to just Let It Go... Not an easy thing for the Queen of attatchment. Not a cookie baked, less decorations up in the house, not all the cards got sent out, I didn't even have fresh flowers on my "tablescape". You know what, no one even noticed that. It was a lovely, quiet night.

On another note, I finally opened my present today! An E10 Huskystar embelishment machine (aka needle felter) foot pedal and the thing has fiber on the plate---It's been used!!!! All this time I've been waiting to open that baby up and use it, the time comes's going back. but, not tonight.. nope going to Let It Go... and have myself a nice glass of wine and finish a custom order for the Incognito cowl... and hopefully finish a brooch for a pink covert knit cowl :) I'm also including a pic of my new scarflette. I ordered this yarn from England, oh my goodness.. I am in love... The colors are GORGEOUS!!! I actually have 2 scarfs that I made for me out of it! But for this one I used one of those funky hand made wooden buttons that I bought on Etsy, groovy!!

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