Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Whimsical Tree

I had an idea this year to do a "second" tree. I wanted something a bit on the whimsical, "girlie" side. I had it orginally in the foyer when you walk in the house, but I have since moved it to the dining room. You can see it in the window from the street. It looks perfect there. I had fun collecting perfect ornaments for this tree. I started with some fairies and collected birds, angels wings, butterflys. I also added some funky "pom pom" garland in a white with pinkish tinsel, some fushia and cream christmas ball and voila....I am just finishing up on 2 custom Incognito cowl orders.. They have been so popular! I finally have one for myself too- in a cabernet color :) I am still working on new designs. I am excited to use my Christmas present--- A huskystar needlefelting machine. I have been buying roving and of course hearting all kinds of roving on Etsy. I actually did a wee bit of felting the other night. I am going crazy to take the machine out of the box, BUT... I can wait for Santa :)

I guess I should include a pitcure of THE tree,,,hehe. It took me awhile to get everything done this year. I have been very sick with this respiratory/cough thing. So I had to practice "letting go" of my usual holiday self. aka..Miss I can do EVERYTHING...So, not a cookie baked (sorry grandmom).. I left that up to my sister this year. I had high hopes of getting to it, but not enough energy. I will be cooking my sauce (aka "gravy") on monday night for Christmas eve. I did all the food shopping today...

Oh and a big thank you to Mr. S....aka the Man cowl model. You are a hit on Etsy. Thank you for so graciously modeling for are THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!....Santa has a BIG suprise for you ;)

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Liesl said...

Pretty tree. Happy Christmas to you. :)