Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Your health is very important

OK, so mostly I blog about knitting, my shop, etsy :)
But today I thought I would give a little friendly advice (being I am a healthcare professional)...That brings me to my statement, always check with your healthcare provider before taking any advice from lil ol me...
So anyway, here are my two bits of advice.

Numero Uno...Get a mammogram. I just had my yearly done. It takes 5 minutes and you know what, a little squeeze and you get piece of mind. 5 minutes ladies :) that's it. Life saver. Probably one of the easiest tests you'll ever have.

Have you ever had accupuncture? What a novel idea for pain. I went today for my first visit. I have had chronic tendonitis, (hmmm could it be all the knitting????) anyway. I have had 3 steroid shots and 2 rounds of physical therapy and 1 year later, I still have alot of pain. But, for me, no meds. Nope. Look, if I break something, that's a different story. Don't get me wrong tendonitis is extremly painful, especially at night when you are trying(key word~~~trying) to sleep. But I'm a suck up the pain type of gal, always have been. Tough german stock here. So anyway, back to the accupuncture. I went in feeling my normal in pain, stressed out self and came out 2 hours later (initial visit, paperwork, interview, etc...actual time of needles in body~~half hour) feeling like a limp noodle. That's right...a noodle. I still feel like a noodle, all relaxed and, well, happy :) Pain in arm is less (still there but hey it's only one treatment). So if you've got issues. Try some eastern medicine, especially if western isn't cutting it for you.

Alright, that's my "rant" for today. I was just so excited about the way I feel post treatment I wanted to share.


christina said...

I hear so many women complaining about mammograms. I've been fearing having one. Thanks for putting a calming and realistic tone to it.

Also, a friend of mine SWEARS by accupuncture. I have horrible sinus problems and have been considering it lately. Sounds really interesting.

Bee @ BeeDazzles said...

Hey there Becca! Yeah, I'm a little overdue for my annual mammo - maybe I'll call tomorrow after reading your blog :)

by the way, you've been Tagged!!

have fun!!