Monday, May 26, 2008

Always and Forever~Happy Anniversary

Today is the day I married my best friend :) Six years ago.. It was the best day of my life.. We had a beautiful wedding that we will never forget.

To my husband~~I love you today more than the day I met you, and just a little bit less than tommorrow, for each day with you is a great adventure, a day to be treasured. Thank you for being my best friend, my love, my rock..

I also wanted to post some pics of the beautiful mendhi I had done before the wedding. I was the luckiest girl...I got to wear 2 dresses at my wedding (1 indian, 1 traditional american) and a gorgeous sari to our rehersal dinner. My mom and I saw the sari in Edison and my mother in-law went back and bought it for me :) ~~Thanks mom!! We miss you and dad so much!!!~~~My mother in law also went to India and had my wedding sari made for me--she is the best mother in law a daughter could ever hope for!! Here is a pic of her giving me my dress the night before the wedding..

Here's some of the mendhi and my mother and I..

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Karin said...

I too got married in a Sari with the traditional mendhi.
And how funny one of my Sari's I also got in Edison.

A Happy Belated Anniversary to you both!