Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saint Lucia my home away from home

We just returned from our 3rd trip to Saint Lucia. The island is so beautiful and it will be my description of "paradise" forever. We stayed at Sandals again and the people there are exceptionally nice and outgoing!! So I am relaxed and rested. I was up at 7am everyday and took a nap at 2pm daily. I also am proud to say that I hit the gym 4 times while we were there and tried to keep the frozen drinks to a minimum. I had my hair corn rowed because in the humidity it's either that or frizz :) and besides I think it's a fun hairdo to have. So I will mention here that although we were in paradise we noticed immediately a big change in the island. Here where the surface area is sufficiently smaller than in the US it is easier to see the effect that global warming is having. We were in St. Lucia just 2 years ago almost exactly the same week. It was hot then with very little rain (maybe a 10 minute sun shower). This time around the weather was not as good. It rained alot. It is not their rainy season. Perhaps even more disturbing to me was the Carribean sea~~~~looking like the Atlantic Ocean with 7-8 foot swells for the first 4 days that we were there. The beach erosion is evident. The islanders that we spoke to said that their weather changed drastically 7-8 months ago. Changed so much that their crops are being effected by it. Scary, very scary.

So Hubby and I also decided to check out the town of Castries. We took a cab in for some shopping. Bought some cool stuff and then took off in search of a pharmacy (this is what pharmacists do on vacation--look for pharmacies--) So we found one and asked to speak with the pharmacist only to be told that she was not in. the store cannot be open if the RPh is not in the building. The gentleman also informed us that she was out for 3 weeks and that they have a severe shortage of pharmacists on the island...Ummmm can I have a job application??????? My motto as island pharmacist...No pressure No problem mon :)

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