Monday, April 28, 2008

EtsyNJ central jersey meetup

We had a really cool meetup yesterday. I'm loving the street team thing, what a great idea Etsy admin!!!! We met at Panera on Rt 1 in North Brunswick. So I had such a nice time I thought I would feature some of my favorites from these girls shops. Angela~~such a lovely woman~~I will gladly feature you when you post some items :)
So first up is Marisa from Purplelicious, great shop!! This is her ChezMoi green floral head band check it out here she has some awesome stuff in her shop.

Next up is Heather's shop Astrums, this is an awesome shop!!!! I instantly fell in love with this Dorset Rex brass evening bag. Oh boy do I have a spot in my heart for vintage :) check it out here. She has alot of really cool jewels and vintage in her shop.

Next up is Ribbon craft Botique. If you have little one's this is the shop for you. She has lots of goodies for little girls :) check these cool barrettes out here

Next up is creations by Danielle. This shop has lots of cool vintage stuff also. If you have read through any of my blog or seen my work you know I LOVE vintage buttons. check them out here. Very cute shop, lots of goodies!!!

And last but certainly not least Kerrie from Phoenix Jems. She is so talented with her craft. She had one of her beautiful necklaces on at the meetup. Simply stunning!!! I love this necklace in her shop~~One of my favorite colors~~ check it out here. So as you can see the EtsyNJ street team has some real talent!!!! But of course that's just how us Jersey girls roll ;)


Anonymous said...

Becca, wow! What a surprise to be featured on such an awesome blog as yours! I love your descriptions of everyone's shop. Your own is pretty amazing too! SO talented!!!!! Thanks for featuring me and I had a great time as well. I feel a better connection to the people behind the computer! :) You're such a nice person! Keep on doing what you love!
--creationsbydanielle RibbonCraft Boutique said...

Lovely blog - and thank you for adding my clips! I had a lovely time chatting with you and the other EtsyNJ gals - looking forward to the next one! -Jenna

Becca said...

Your welcome ladies, so exciting that our team is growing and reaching out to each other for advice :)

Barbra said...

Sounds like fun. Love your choice of music♥

NJTomboy said...

LOL - Thanks LADY! I am working on a lightbox & getting photos & ugh! I need an assistant!

You are too cool! Did you get my package?