Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm a big fan of everything music. For years and years everyone in the family (well us younger generation) would go out on friday night to go "farmin" aka go to see the band Yasgur's farm. They play all classic rock and let me tell you we had ALOT of fun. So why am I posting this today? Well I finally discovered the way to put music on my blog and as I was making the play list I was thrown back into the time when I used to go out friday (and sometime saturday) night to dance, hang out with my friends and have fun. This photo is from 2001 when I was still in college and looking...mighty thin and hot ;) My sister was newly divorced (thank God!!!!) and we were out having fun at Krones in Lavalette seeing Yasgurs. So everytime I hear classic rock I think about all those Friday nights. Time spent with both of my sisters. Enjoy the tunes, I know I will!

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