Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was tagged by my lovely FDL friend Barbara over at My Little Aura for the 5 product face challenge. Basically it's making yourself prettier using only 5 products. I used to sell cosmetics in my previous life :) So I have always been a makeup girl. But I am all about getting ready for work in 30-40 minutes. So here goes:

1. L'Oreal Reviva lift face cream- you always need a base, and although I can tell you, as a previous cosmetic salesgirl and now as a pharmacist that I don't buy into this hype of dropping $150.00 on a "anti-wrinkle" cream. Here's the number 1 wrinkle causer: the sun. Haha, enough said, right? trust me, I am a beach girl too. But now, I sun a little bit with the 45 spf then the hat goes on. And my eyes are always covered with sunglasses. Jeez I have enough lines around them already!

2. Bobbi Brown SPF foundation - This is the greatest foundation thus far that I have used. This is where I spend the money. It is *so* worth it to buy a good makeup.

3. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish pressed powder- Again, worth the money!

4. Clinique powder blush - I like the pink color, gives you a bit of a girlish glow

5. Maybelline Mascara- Up until very recently I had always used the great lash- A choice influenced by what my Aunts were always using (circa 1970). Then I tried this one and It really gives you some awesome lashes!

Woops.......wow this wasn't easy because, I also add MAC lipgloss!


marci said...

Totally agree on a good foundation - and spending a little extra there is worth it. I just started using Bobbi's oil free and LOVE it. I will have to try that mascara when I have a chance. I don't have a fav mascara, but use whatever sample I have.

Think I might run with this on my blog - as inspiration to start writing again.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great post! I love the Loreal Revitalift products. They really work! I moved away from Great Lash as well as it ends up a little too clumpy for me.

Becca said...

Ok Marci...tag you're it :)