Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's A Shabby Bust

It's not even Friday yet and I am already in over my head! Yesterday prior to a long work day I found a gorgeous decoupaged bust on Ebay. I have to tell you I don't do well with ebay. Not enough access to a computer when the auction is ending so I have to rely on Mr. S to do that. And.....there are always much are you going to spend on THAT?!? so I tend to tell him to bid lower than I emotionally would have bid. Probably the best in the long run. I don't need to pay a fortune for a vintage dress form. Someday I will be somewhere and there will be one..if it's meant to be. Anyhow, back to the deco. bust..she included a crown and was made of all vintage playbills, very cool. I was outbid by 4.00. Sucks, right? So me being the google queen, I googled and I found one right on my favorite place...oh...wait for it....yup...Etsy. That's right. A super cute sight called Moxie Sisters And Mr. S you would be so proud of me. I did not buy it last night, but I slept on it and bought it at 6:50am this morning. Woohoo! Stay tuned tommorrow...another Confessional Friday..


DuhBe said...

Wow, I love your bust! :-)
It makes me want to dress up the kraft paper bust I've been using - your papers are so pretty! Can't wait to see it dressed in your knits.

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

How cute! Can't wait to see photos of your lovely creations with that seriously cool (and unique) dress form!!!