Sunday, March 08, 2009


So I opened another shop on Etsy. I named it aparigraha which means non- attatchment. After doing out taxes I realized that my yarn inventory, is, in a sentence OUT OF CONTROL. I have freely admitted being addicted to fiber, but at this point I don't think I could ever use all this yarn. So I am going to let go. Let go of some of the excess stuff in my life. Which in yogi standards is going to help clear the clutter out of my head. Help me see things better. Help me make more room for newer yarns (did I just write that??!!??) Oh boy. Control, I will practice control. So anyhow...if your a knitter, or someone who is just starting out, the yarns are priced to sell!


Kristen Andrews said...

I could probably do the same w/ some beads and charms. Don't you just feel like you "need" supplies even when you don't!

Becca said...

All the time! That is one of my biggest problems :)