Thursday, March 05, 2009

Capelet Crazy

I seem to be obsessed with making capes right now. Crazy obsessed with it. I have so my ideas floating around in my head, I can't get them made fast enough. My latest was a creation that just came to me....ding....lightbulb over head...and I was inspired. It was a challenge piece for the FDL team Our February challenge was Casablanca, and I was a day late to submit. I love the way it came out, very old hollywood~ish.


Laura said...

Superlovely and very glamorous! :o)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Um, yeah. Your cape is beyond fabulous. I adore it. Very well done. As you begin to stockpile these lovelies, I hope that you will also make them available for sale! :)


Becca said...

Oh, Thanks girls! All my items are for sale, this one sold in one day to one of my Fantastic customers :)