Monday, January 02, 2006

time for a project update

OK time for a knitting project update. Currently I am working on a newsboy cap. PLaying around with it. I am finished with the knitting of triangle, now comes the fun part! Sewing! Yeah! My favorite part. (not) But I like to make myself do things I am not great at, as to improve. Yesterday as I sat couch potatoe I made myself knit the I-cords for this project which has been basically finished before I left for India. I made the flower this morning and I will sew it up tonight. Then it's all about the felting. Which my washing machine is not particularly good at.
Next project in the works is the herringbone poncho from hell. I am about 26" long and it needs to go to 58 or so. ALMOST half way there... This poncho has been an international traveler. It will have many stories to tell when it is finally fininshed. I must comment that upon the recommendation of the woman at the LYS I bought this at I used frog tree alpaca. This yarn is lovely and soft, HOWEVER it sheds massively. If you are wearing any dark color and knitting you will be covered in cream fur. This will be a denim poncho no doubt about it. I have yarn on order from ebay for a shrug from interweave press "Wrap Style" . I actually found the yarn on the cheap and hope 5 balls is enough for it to cover my "fit" body. As in, "she's a bit fit" anyone watch Ali G? very funny. Lastly I made this cute from some cheappy yarn on the bottom and a manos yarn want to be teal. I felted it and bought this cute antique brooch. This was going to get gifted at Christmas, but me likey, me likey alot. Stay warm and dry..

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