Monday, January 16, 2006

For the love of pete!

Just when I thought I was making progress on the poncho...whamo. OUT OF YARN. Uh, gee, how did that happen? Well, one, took advice of LYS woman when I substituted yarn, should have checked her math. Second, did not check gauge (*gasp*). Yes, my fellow knitters, I am a slacker. I have taken most math classes available to a non math major in college, yet I have yet to sit down and play around with the knitting math. It's a shame, a crying shame. So now, I have been searching for this frog tree worsted alpaca. The LYS is a good 1/2 hour ride, and let me tell you, nothing good can come from going there. I will post pic later of damage inflicted on wallet on friday. Friday's damage comes after going to take a yoga class. The yoga studio just happens to be around the corner from a yarn shop. It's like a diabetic passing Dunkin dougnuts (well at least my diabetic gram), "can't we stop, please,please,please? I just want one." Yeah right, famous last words. So now, I have so many new projects to get to. I started baby blanket numbero one. The yarn is so soft(paton's be mine) that it is a pleasure to work with thus far.
Also having some house painting done this week. Spent the weekend looking over paint chips. ALso went to BD party for step-dad, Happy BD moosie. Nice to see the fam.


FaeryCrafty said...

I totally hate running out of yarn. I love that Frog Tree alpaca. I just finished a scarf with that.

Becca said...

Ordered more from WEBS, of course I had to get some in purple for another project.