Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Had a lovely, quiet evening last night with neighbors. Third year running. It's such a nice thing when you don't have to leave the cul-de-sac! I have some more pics to post. I worked until 3 yesterday and then stopped in at Barnes & Noble for a little shoppin' . Picked up a

couple of books. I am of the school of belief that you can never have enouogh books. I want to learn how to do some embroidering. The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery contains alot of info on that. It also has crochet, knitting, macrame, sewing and tatting. As my hubby asked, what's that book for? HONING MY CRAFT kids. I want to kick the knitting up a notch this year. The Sonoma Diet book? I'll let you know. I would like to take off about 10 lbs, but some plans are in the works that may negate this. (wink,wink) I'll keep you posted.

I also posted some of my purchases from India trip. These are the 3 saris that I bought. They are so pretty. I wore the brighter blue one for the reception we had in India. I did not want to take it off it was so pretty and comfortable. The light blue is also beautiful. Such detail goes into their work.

So what is the NY resolution? To take care of me this year. Sound selfish? Nah, I need a little TLC. I want to focus more on my spiritual side. Do some Svadhyaya, which is self study, according to Patanjali's yoga sutras; refinement. I am still working on santosha (contentment) I think I have made some major leaps and bounds in this. I don't feel so much I want this and that, blah blah. You can't take it when you leave. All that's with you is what's inside not that prada bag. Besides, who cares what anybody else thinks about me. The exception to this is two fold, God and hubby. I want to be closer to God, more spiritual, more knowledge to share with my students. I want to be a better teacher, so they can be better students, no scratch that, better people, happier people, content people, SPIRITUAL people. If they are more in tune with themselves everything else will fall into place. Yeah, that's it. To teach this I must first work on myself. That is my NY resolution. Of course I must leave you with this last pic, brace yourself she is so cute and sweet she may cause cavities. My little girl..... or should I say...Daddy's little girl, because only he can get her to pose....

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