Tuesday, January 17, 2006

self potrait tuesday nightmare

OK for some unknown reason this post has become hellish. I cannot get this pic to go where it is supposed to so, just bear with me. These are a pair of my jeans from 1986. I must have thought it would be cool to take a close up pic of design. I was big into alternative and punk music (back when it was worth listening to). These jeans went to NYC to Radio city music hall to see The Cure, Head on the door tour. I went with a guy I was dating who thought it would be a good idea to scalp tickets. We attempted to do so, but got lead on this wild goose chase after we gave the guy our money. He then shoved an envelope down into my pocketbook and took off. There were no tickets in the envelope. While this was happening a guy had been standing near us and kept saying, "don't give him your money." We should have listened, $200.00 gone. This guy watching took pity on us and sold us some awesome tickets for face value. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Do you ever wonder when there are people near you when weird things happen that they may be angels? Now granted getting ripped off for tickets is not a life changing event. You maybe saying to yourself this chick is wacky. Well maybe, but let me tell you another story. Labor day weekend, 1990 something, I'm out with friends in Seaside. Seaside is all bars (nightclubs). I haven't been drinking because I was driving home. I'm stopped at a traffic light and I have a small car (honda crx). I get hit from behind by a lincoln towncar. Now, understand the bars are staring to let out so there are some people around. I see in my rearview mirror that the driver and passenger switch seats. The guy now in the driver's seat gets out and comes up to my window. He's large, of italian descent, definetly north jersey (think sopranos people, this is no joke). He tells me to drive around the block and we'll settle this without the police. At the same time this other guy comes up to my window and says very calmly, "just stay in your car, don't move." I don't remember too much about what he looked like, but I listened to him, because he was so calm and reassuring. Minutes later the police arrived, and as I'm sitting there waiting for an ambulance a little scene plays out. A very bloody guy comes off the sidewalk and goes up to the police officer and says to him, "those are the guys that did this to me." Meaning the guys who hit my car. Scary. The guy who told me to stay in my car 2 minutes prior, gone, poof. Makes you think doesn't it.....


Joy Eliz said...

Oh, I remember those jeans. ankles so tappered they had to be zippered!
I think some of the newer music is starting to sound like the good stuff - check out the Libertines if you liked the Clash.
And yes, I do think that there are people/angels that are there when we are in a bind.
But there must also be a purpose for us to recognize them for what they really are. what do you think?

Becca said...

I've heard many stories of people having similar encounters. I think they stay fresh in our memories for a reason. I can't recall what he looked like only the experience itself.