Monday, January 09, 2006

Toxic Monday

Phew. Went back to gym tonight to teach my class. Had a nice turnout. About 5 minutes before we started I'm up front buying water and I hear the girl at the front say to one of the guys standing around, "he wants me to call poison control." Uh oh. So I'm listening to all these guys standing around blah, blah, and I hear, "he's in the bathroom throwing up he inhaled something toxic." At this point me and my big mouth: "Where is this person?" Turns out he's in the bathroom at the gym. He works there and was cleaning with bleach+ something that mixed with bleach= toxic fumes. Oy. He was sweating profusely and did not look well at all. I tell the girl who is on the phone with 911(?) "you better tell them to get and ambulance here fast, and maybe you should open the front door." I have to say the response from the police, emt and fire company was lickety split. And yes, we we're all evacuated out of the building. So no yoga class until wednesday, but I think I'll do 90 mins. Get a good workout going. 17 inches to go on poncho. Then it's all about crocheting it together. Oh that should be fun. I am not very good on the crochet front. minimal experience. Wanted to post pic of me and my girl. My baby sista, sporting a hand knit cap. This was taken in Sept. She has accomplished so much in the past year and I'm so proud of her. Love you R.

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