Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Feels like spring

Ok, I know it's tuesday, and I just joined self-potrait tues. Next week I'll dig one out. promise. Yesterday it was 54' here. Um, I thought it was winter. Still waiting for winter to start. That being said, I heard it was very cold here in Dec. while I was in India (in single digits). But this spring weather is crazy. Don't get me wrong I love warm weather, but as a jersean I love my 4 seasons. This is the beauty of living in the northeast, you get seasons. The newness of spring, the brisk fall, and the bone chilling winter. Best of all, there is summer. This is coming from a shore girl. I love the beach. Grew up 10 minutes away from it. They say you have sand in your blood. If you live near the beach you understand what I'm saying. My hubby and I moved northwest, this is just where we landed. It's ok, mom's still near the beach. When H and I were dating we used to rent a shore house with 15 other people for the whole summer in LBI. I couldn't understand the first year we did this because I still had my apt. in a shore town. After that first summer I never complained again. What a great place LBI is. Fun for family and the post-college yuppy crowd. If you want rowdy, you go rent in Seaside. You want a relaxing enviroment during the day, yet the occasional (ok,ok EVERY NIGHT) partying at a club you do LBI. The resteraunts, are all awesome also. Tuckers is about the best on the island. There are also some awesome Italian places in Surf City. Ok, why all this talk about the beach? As I was making my tea this morning (finally gave up coffee!!!!!!) I saw this pic on my fridge. Mom and I relaxing on the beach. This was about 7 years ago, during college when I was svelte. I was exercising every day. Nice. Obviously we're having a great time. Getting ready to go ride some waves.

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