Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Thrift Shop Finds

Had a lovely visit with my highschool girlfriends last night, we went out for drinks at a shore Bar that has been there forever. I stayed at my mom's house and decided to stop in Manasquan on my way home. I lived and worked in the "squan" for many years after moving out of my parents home. It is one of my favorite little towns! My original destination was the VNA thrift store. It was closed because of the holiday, but I noticed a cute little shop right next to it. And boy did I find some awesome items! I am glad I stopped in, the shop is called Squan Dry Goods. The owner has a lovely collection of vintage, consignment, and new items (alot of eco-friendly stuff). What a great idea for a shop! There are 2 floors, and although the vintage clothing is sparse, I thought the consignment was priced right and perfect!! So I wanted to share some of my finds. The best was a stunning vintage dress that actually fit me perfectly, let me tell you, that never happens, so for me it was worth the trip right there. I also found a perfectly pale pink marc jacobs jacket for, ok, $18.00. YUP. Friends, I have been shopping consignment since I was in highschool. I did it then because I had no money, I do it now because, well, it's a beautiful thing. I love the idea of how enviromentally friendly it is, not to mention, jeez, I hate paying ooodles of money for designer clothes, I have a retirement beach cottage to save for!!!!
I also had a great trip to Colombus market on thursday with my neighbor Donna. Found lots of pretty things. And the find of the day was a super cute little wood table. Solid. Old. Perfect. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday, shopping the market! Also, if you have a chance, Donna is such a talented artist, she has finally opened her Etsy shop, Lovely Things studio she has some beautiful picture frames.


Claudia said...

Becca, you inspire me to shop consignment. I can't afford expensive clothes anyway! I love all your finds.

Becca said...

Thanks Claudia! it was fun shopping :)

Amanda said...

oh i want to know which thrift store you shop at! you got some great finds!! well done!

Sandy D. said...

Becca, great finds. Are you going to the Ocean Grove Flea market on Saturday? Check out the OG website or my blog - "Unbridled Joy." You will love the flea market! Also lots of garage sales in town as well.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

What??? Last Saturday was your birthday???
Happy Birthday girlie!!!!
You found some wonderful finds...I love that layered neck top! tooo cool!
You are ready to celebrate on the town with all those fab threads and beautiful bling...wooo hooo!
Did you know that Geralyn (Greetings from Geralyn) is from Manasquan too! She's opening/opened a new store in Asbury Park! She's on my side bar if you want to check her out...she's too sweet. What a small world Becca :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Am I the ONLY one in the world who is busy and hasn't been blogging much? What's up with that...I feel terrible! I miss you girlie...thanks for checking in on me. Hope you still love me ;)

Geralyn Gray said...

I love love love squan dry goods......I started selling my journals there last year and it really gave me the confidence to open my shop......It is at the shoppes at the arcade on cookman ave right next to the antique emporium.......I love your etsy shop.....I am going to have guest artists for each first Saturday......I would love to have you......your styles are beautiful!!!!! Come celebrate etsy with us on June 18th!!!!!!

Debby said...

Hi Becca, I arrived via bloggers create. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I hope that you are still enjoying all your great finds.

Thank you for your kind comments.