Thursday, February 02, 2006

Day off? Who needs one.

Normally I am off on wednesdays. Not yesterday. Here's a glimpse at the day. Up early, hospital test done at 9:15 (just routine), 10:15 worked out at gym, 2:00 hair appointment(cover those grays), 4:00 teach vinyasa flow yoga class(until 5:45), 6:00 teach gentle yoga class (until 7:15), 8:00 teach vinyasa flow yoga class (until 9:15). Phew, was that a busy day or what??? First time I have taught more than 2 classes in one day. Actually, I felt great afterwards. Today, I'm a little sore, but it may be from the circuit training I did in the am. I signed up for a 21 day study at a local women only workout place. You know, 30 minutes to a "fitter" you. Have to do something, St. Lucia trip is on the horizon.
So what's on my needles lately? Kitty is modeling one of the caps I made. I put a little flower on it with one of my buttons. Is her face not soooo cute? I think she has abyssinian in her blood, such a narrow lower face. She also talks ALOT, especially to her daddy (because she loves him the most). turncoat. I also decided to knit something new for me... A pair of gardening mittens from Louisa Hardings book. Remember the yarn kitty was modeling from my stash? This was the perfect project. New, fresh, exciting, and quite quick. We all like quick projects. Near instant gradification. I am just finishing the rib part on the left hand. I also think a button might look cute on that flower, have to see what colors I have. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous in color. Perfect for those early springs in NJ.


Jen said...

Love that rainbow yarn, what kind is it? The fit around the hand and thumb looks really good - what pattern did you use?

Becca said...

I used pattern from Louisa Harding's book, and the yarn is a merino wool superwash from LYS..They came out really cute, and so much fun to knit.

maura said...

hi! i am trying to track down a copy of this book--- do you happen to have the isbn (numbers on the barcode!)

i fell in love with the mittens in a yarn shop ,and now i need the pattern!!

thanks, maura