Wednesday, February 15, 2006

knitting my way to a medal

I have been watching the olympics. We tape them on dvr and watch when we can, sailing through the commercials. I have thoroughly enjoyed the snowboard half pipe. Especially the women. "totally stoked dude." Come on you have to get a kick out of the way these olympiads talk. That would be like me saying, "oh my god, dude, this medicine is off the hook, fer sure." Haha. Needless to say they are snowboarders, and I got a kick out of watching and listening to them. If I was an olympiad I would want to do my stuff to cool music. No doubt about that. This is my progress on the shoulder cozy. I gave myself a handicap. I did not start this until Sunday. I was in florida and I wanted to knit on the plane trip there and back, so I was working on baby blanket no. 1. This stitch is pretty cool once you get going. So I have been working on this nightly with the exception of last night. Went to Atlantic City for N.O.W. (noodles of the world) at Borgata. We stayed overnight. Fun. I played Carribean Stud poker. Not bad took 300 home with me of the casino's money. I want to try and finish shoulder cozy by mid week. We'll see.


Angie said...

I love the wrap you're working on. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern?


Becca said...

Hi Angie, It's from the book Wrap Style. It's published my interweave press. You can probably buy it on or I got mine at Barnes and Noble. The pattern is a fairly simple 4 row pattern, fun to knit once you get going.