Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Olympic nightmare

OK, I've been knitting to the Olympics. Trying to be patient with myself when I am ripping and reripping out the same 5 rows. For some reason I just can't seem to understand this line in the directions; CO 1 st a beg of next 28 rows-I get this part- (adds a full 2-st patt rep to each side every 4 rows). Alrighty then, I tried to proceed in several ways here. The first attempt I just kept following the pattern as usual ( the first and last stitch of the pattern are knit I guess as a selvage stitch?) This did not work and threw off the pattern. The second attempt I thought I botched something up so I started the same again. The third attempt I knitted 2 stitches before starting the pattern, this started to work but since than has proven not to. I would love it if someong could help me out here. Unfortunately, I am always game to try to teach myself new things, but I can never seem to get it right the first time. In this case I feel like the iceskater who just landed on her butt. Ok, first time I'll get up and keep skating, second time, yeah, I'll keep going, third- GET ME OFF THE ICE I'M DONE. That's how I feel about this project right now.

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