Sunday, February 26, 2006

Failure to complete

I failed to complete my olympic challenge. I guess I'm too busy. So let's talk about something other than knitting and yoga today. Let's talk about music. I will post pics soon, from Friday night. I went to the legendary Stone Pony. A good friend of mine has a band (The Verge) . They Rocked! They opened for Black 47. Hmm, long time since some of you have heard that name. So I've decided today to talk about some music. Let's make Sunday music day. I thought I'd start with a pesudo list of bands that I have seen. I can't even attempt to do this is a chronological order. There are just too many.
I can tell you my first concert was The Moody Blues. I have since seen them 3 additional times. Ok, the list (I will try to include venue if possible)
1.Black Flag (City gardens,trenton-no longer there but very cool club)
2. The Cure ( Radio city music hall, and Giant's stadium)
3. Lollapalooza (1992) Pearl Jam, Ministry, RedHot Chili Peppers, Jesus and Mary Jane,
Soundgarden, Ice Cube, Temple of the dog, Rage against the machine, STP, Lush, porno for
4. Lollapalooza( 1993 this was out in waterloo village): Front 242, Fishbone, Alice in Chains, Tool, Rage against the Machine
5. Lollapalooza(200?): Audio Slave, Incubus,Queens of the stone age, Jane's Addiction
6. Sinead O'conner (city gardens)
7. NIN (ok Trent I saw back in 1990 something at a small venue called the Green Parrot-
AWESOME show, he was just starting out, and then the second time at City Gardens- also a
8. Depeche Mode
9. New Order
10. R.E.M. (green tour- they rocked!!!)
11. The Replacements
12. Social Distortion (actually got to meet these guys, they were cool)
13. Faith No More ( Fast lane Asbury Park- one of my all time top 5 best shows ever!!!!)
14. Soul Asylum
15. They might be giants
16. Killing Joke
17. Primus
18. Blur
19. GooGoo dolls
20. Jellyfish
21. Mr. Green
22. Big Audio Dynamite
23. LA Guns
24. Meat Beat Manifesto
25. Robin Hitchcock and the Egyptians
26. Van Halen
27. Rolling Stones
28. Sarah Brightman
29. Yes
30. Chicago
31. Fire House
32. Kiss
33. Motley Crew
As of this moment these are all I can think of. I have seen far more shows. Just can't remeber right now, will add to list in future.


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