Sunday, March 05, 2006

busy busy

phew a whole week since I blogged! I have been busy. Here's my new workout schedule: monday- 1/2 hr at ladies workout express, then 1/2 hour cardio and 1 hour yoga (teaching), tues- 1/2 hr to 45 mins at LWE, wed- 1/2 hr LWE, 1/2 hr cardio and 1 hour yoga(teaching), thur-off, fri- 1/2hr to 45 mins LWE, sat-1/2-45min cardio, sun 1/2 to 45 mins cardio. Think I'll lose any weight? Well we'll see. It seems that the ladies at LWE seem to fell I was originally weighed in wrong. I'll give it another month to see if anything is happening.
So Today being Sunday it's music day. Currently I find myself listening to a wider variety of music than I used to. I love my xm radio. I like Fred, boneyard,lucy, classic rock channel, the 70's channel and Audio Visions. I personally think satellite radio is the greatest thing since sliced bread (haha). I haven't purchased any cds lately (aside from yoga music-which is also very cool). I seem to have issues with alot of the new alternative rock bands. They all sound the same and they suck. I mean, I don't get excited about new bands like I used to. Case in point, Type O negative, the first time I heard Peter's voice all of the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Holy moley what a voice. Kind of like Peter Murphy, mmm I love his voice too. Very goth. Something about a man with a deep voice like that. Anyhew. Alot of one-hit wonder bands out there right now. You know, being the reality tv junky that I am, I watched INXS. I liked Marty Casey. I've heard his song on the radio. I also loved the version of Nirvana, done by the pretty dark haired girl, I'll check back on her name. I thought it was awesome. OK so maybe I'm going a little soft at my age but I can still skip in a large circle with the best of them.

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